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  1. Yes, anyone? I would also like to know if this is possible. Maybe with editing the *.cfg-File? Edit: sorry, already answered, 18 is max at the moment...
  2. OK, I just tested it. Either the manual is wrong or it´s a bug. I didn´t have to change anything - it does everything automatically even on the MCP.
  3. Quote from the manual: "In all cases, the new climb altitude must be selected in the MCP altitude window before VNAV commands the climb". Does this mean, that i have to manually change the altitude everytime a step climb is due? If yes, couldn´t i just enter 43000 (AP) before takeoff and the FMC then would automatically climb as high the OPT allowed it to? Edit: the reason i´m asking is that i don´t have to be at the computer all the time when flying long haul (>6h)
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