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  1. That helped on the Aspen, anyway. I'm still having the problem with Air Manager, but that's a matter for the Sim Innovations forum. Thank you!
  2. Running the GTN750 in the Carenado A36, I can't get the HSI to switch to GPS mode, even though the magenta "GPS" is lit up at the bottom of the GTN screen...Aspen in the 3D cockpit, G5 and aspen in Air Manager; nothing will give me a GPS CDI, only VLOC. When I switch to GPS on the GTN, I even see a flash of the Magenta GPS needles, and they instantly zap back to VLOC. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Bonanza.. This works fine with all of my other planes, so I'm confused.
  3. Anyone know anything about creating an Avidyne IFD550 for Xplane11? There is no PC trainer available, only an iPad trainer, so I'm not sure how one would use that to create a PC addon.. A lot of pilot-owners out there with the desire for quality training in a simulator, and with touch-screen integration, an IFD version of RXP's GTN series would be great. Doesn't look like it's on RXP's radar, though. Any thoughts?
  4. I'm interested. I'm working on certifying an AATD with touchscreens that could incorporate your products, but I've been unable to make contact through the RXP site. Could you PM me with details? Aaron
  5. Bob, You make a great point about modern panels: There's so many choices, and none of them look like a six-pack. Also, your antidote makes the point that concerns me about some of the owner airplanes I've been in lately (as a CFI). So many people did big upgrades to stay ahead of the 2020 mandate, but I don't think the necessary training is always happening. Single pilot, IMC, a navigator doing something you didn't expect, or being unable to make it do what you want is a cockpit situation on par with a major systems failure. As user friendly as an IFD or GTN is, they're also as powerful as a full-blown FMS, which professional flight crews spend a lot of time training to use. It seems that there's a great training opportunity for someone to have access to a quality simulation of their airplane, their avionics--but as you mentioned, it also seems like it would be a great commercial tool for picking the unit that best suits your needs. With Air Manager and a few touch screens, pretty affordable yoke/pedal/throttle hardware, the pieces are there. We just need the manufacturers to take our money and help us out! Aaron
  6. Rich, Glad to read your response. I grew up near ICT, had a couple flying jobs there. I was hoping to draw a response from RXP... I'm just very interested in the process of integrating these things into our Sims. Maybe Garmin could get onboard and just offer up the software to purchase. You don't happen to know anyone in Garmin R&D, do you?😁
  7. Just wanted to have a general discussion about the pace at which we're adapting the latest avionics to our flight simulators. I do some flight instruction for an outfit that uses some very outdated simulators (a lot of us on this forum have much better simulators in our basements), and I've been wishing for more access to the newest stuff to use in an actual flight simulation setting. It's a rapidly moving industry lately and although Garmin and Avidyne publish trainers, I feel like there's so much lag and cost in adapting them to an actual aircraft simulation environment (certified or not), which is really inhibiting quality training to aircraft owners and flight instructors. Imagine you own a Bonanza (it's easy if you try) with a brand-new Garmin G600txi suite, a couple of GTNs in there, a GFC500, etc., and your insurance company wants you to do recurrent simulator training. While a couple hours in a six-pack, no GPS sim has undeniable value as far as instrument proficiency, you're missing out on some quality training with your airplane and your avionics. As a flight instructor in this situation, it's just embarrassing to have to apologize for your old equipment. There are some very nice, very expensive simulators (certified) out there, and you may find access to a GTN750 or G1000 in a sim, but those are, dare I say, nearing an age where you could call them "old technology". To be clear, while I'm talking mostly about certified sims, I really don't see much difference between those and home sims. The FAA requires certain things, but the tech is all the same-- Redbird and FlyThisSim are using stuff we all have access to. My question is this: What does it take for RXP to get that PC trainer to work in XPlane? They've been working on a G500/G600 for a long time now, so I'm assuming this is a complicated process, or is it? Does anyone know? Has anyone contacted them about professional use licensing?--I've been unable to get a response. Why is there only one company doing this work? I've seen a few certified AATDs with GTN equipment--are those ground-up devices? How much harder would that be? When will we see an IFD550 in XPlane? The GI275, the G600/500txi? Or is it just impossible? I have so many questions!! Weigh in, flight simulation experts (that's what you are)! How do we keep up with Garmin?!! Aaron
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