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  1. OK, My bad. Just took up the Chieftain and everything worked just fine after setting the PD Direct 10 to unchecked. First tried the stock C 172, OK, then my beloved A2A Comanche, OK, and then the Alabeo and Carenado, aircraft...and everything was back to normal and the ORBX scenery seemed normal. I dunno, sometimes this strange Internet world seems to have a personality and control mindset of its own that goes beyond this ancient air-mariner's ability to cope. Sorry to have bothered you, but still respect and appreciate the response. Stay healthy. -=Archive1=-
  2. Reader: Yes, the "PD Direct x 10" is checked, but unchecking it makes no difference. and I think I need that activated to get the best from the scenery files I have loaded from ORBX. since I am operating with Win 7.. Maddogz: I'm not sure which *.cfg file you are referring to. As you know, the FSX file has a number of *.cfg files relating to a whole passel of things. Lemme know which *.cfg I should explore, please. Appreciate the response, guys. Archive1
  3. Charlie:Yeah, I knew I'd mention the wrong toggle combo...was away from the computer when I wrote the inquiry. Yes have tried the Alt+Enter with no help. Frank: Nope. No changes to any drivers. Was working just fine two nights ago and then when opened up last nite, no Tool Tips,. I think must have hit some combination of keys with my arthritic fingers...at least that's my take, which is probably wrong. Thus the request for some explanation. (Former USAF flight surgeon, 49th Tac Fighter Wing, F-100s and 105s (the old Hun and Thud) fun 'n games in the 1960s Archive1
  4. Suddenly have lost all tool tips in FSX. Have tried the full-screen ctrl/shift (if that's the right combo to toggle full screen). And have Display Tool Tips checked with Settings. Using Win 7 BTW. Yes, can do just fine without them in my usual aircraft (A2A Comanche) but they come in handy with other aircraft (Alabeo Chieftain, Carenado Cheyenne III etc) as I transition. Dunno what key I may have tweaked to lose the tips. Any suggestions? Archive1
  5. Thanks John: Will work it out.,with practice. It would be nice if there were a full layout of the panel so one could get into more nitty gritty of detail and get there more quickly. Alas, not so I guess on the older aircraft. Archive1
  6. Just bought the Chieftain, but do not find any Alabeo panel layout information. For example: tried to put in an ADF setting, but could not get what I thought was the ADF instrument to set what I needed. Is there there a photo of the Chieftain panel with everything noted? I'm not a newbie at this sim stuff, but each aircraft has its own layout and finding your way around is sometimes a problem. Carenado does provide a panel photo and that helps as does A2A. Maybe there is a good, in depth YouTube video of the panel (no, not just a review of the plane overall), if so I'd like a reference. Archive1
  7. I believe that I read in one of the fora that there is a forum focusing upon Alabeo aircraft. Is that correct? If so, how do I find it?
  8. lodestar: I did watch this on the Carenado website as I was evaluating which aircraft to purchase. But it does not give any information regarding: 1. Panel orientation re: location and identification of switches; 2. anything about a cold start checklist. I think the aircraft is well done, but the support replies from Carenado regarding documentation has been lousy. The included documentation covers the GPS unit, basic Cheyenne stats, but nothing regarding panel layout and switch identification - certainly no checklists for anything: Although they consider my request for information 'solved'.. I must compare this with the documentation and support from A2A and their Comanche that I fly - they provide all encompassing responses and personal support. All in all, I am quite disappointed with (not the aircraft but) the responses.from the Carenado company. (No, I have no relationship with A2A - the Comanche is the only aircraft from them I have.) So, anyone have a YouTube, or website, that actually focuses on the panel orientation and cold start checklist? Thanks lodestar. -=Archive1=-
  9. Hope this is the proper place for this query: Have just purchased a Carenado Cheyenne III which has dark and cold start capability. However the documentation supplied with the plane seems devoid of any checklist for doing a cold start. Perhaps there's a good YouTube video with that information. Any help from someone out there? Archive1
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