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  1. for this last night when atc say to me to take a determinate sid for the take off the FMC say to me "using reserve fuel" so i just put more and now i know that problem i will try to use another program for the fuel by the way "fuel planner" suggest to me the same quantity of simbrief
  2. ciao Andrea ti rispondo in italiano 😄 sinceramente non ci avevo fatto caso ma di solito lascio tutto su auto sulle impostazioni di simbrief me lo da come areoporto auto di alternativa se provo a ricambiare con "auto" mi da un fatal error, ci darò piu spesso un occhio allora grazie ancora for all users: Hi Andrea I answer you in Italian 😄 honestly I had not noticed but usually I leave everything on the auto on the symbrief settings me as a auto alternative if I try to reciprocate with "auto" gives me a fatal error, I will give more often an eye so thanks again
  3. Hello everyone i have a question about the flight planning made by simbrief and the part about the reserve fuel on the pmdg ngx,below is an example of my last flight PLANNED FUEL --------------------------------- FUEL ARPT FUEL TIME --------------------------------- TRIP MXP 5922 0102 CONT 15 MIN 1412 0015 ALTN FRA 5349 0103 FINRES 2220 0030 --------------------------------- MINIMUM T/OFF FUEL 14903 0251 --------------------------------- EXTRA 0 0000 --------------------------------- T/OFF FUEL 14903 0251 TAXI FCO 500 0020 --------------------------------- BLOCK FUEL FCO 15403 PIC EXTRA ..... TOTAL FUEL ..... REASON FOR PIC EXTRA ............ ------------------------------------ now if I'm not mistaken the part about the fuel reserve is "finres" I wondered how I can determine this value in percentage to be included then in the programming in the FMC on the ngx at voice res fuel % ? another little question about ngx fuel sistem in general: in this case on board in total I had 15403 lb of fuel, inserting this data in the appropriate section on the fmc I have to divide the value in the 3 tanks two wings and the central or I leave it as default by the FMC or only divided into two wings with empty central tank and the related fuel pump off thanks for the support
  4. I have the pc in the signature (8700k 16 GB RAM and rtx2080 ti ) after buyed orbx vectors and orbx europe i saw blurry texture and basically not to much autogen after some experiment to edit cgf file i found the solution for me was to delete the cfg file and let the game rebuild It At the Moment i leave the cfg file original because the view and the performance are Amazing i Can get between 25 fps ( on add on airports all Setting to max like Malpensa professional areosoft) and 70 fps (external view climb altitude static view) The Setting in game are all max to framerate unlimited and vsinc on I Also have orbx vector configuration all flagged railway light ecc I follow the avsim guide for the part about the modify in the Nvidia ispector I just noticed an increase of cpu usage like all core at 100% usage i dont know if its ok for the processor to work much time at 100% ? Basically for me the solution was to restore the cfg file after the installation of a lot of 3d part addon (like ASCA/ORBX/3d part Airports electronic Flight bag and much more )
  5. after i buy orbx i delete cfg p3d file and i restore it, i fix my blurry texture and delete autogen like this i put 30 frame locked and all other setting to max at moment i dont need to edit the cfg file i try also to put frame limit to 60 or unlimited and i not noticed particular changed but whit all grapichs setting to max (and i have rtx2080ti and other specs in my signature) i can get between 20/70 frame/sec but onestly when i fly i preferto see all texture and autogen perfectly and the simulator doesnt stuck the image after 3/4 sec all its good for me the big change was to let the game restore the cfg file i will see after more flys if i have to trick the cfg but for the moment i leave original,i noticed my gpu is not under stress but the cpu something more before
  6. thanks as always Oliver ii will try it its interesting project
  7. hello its possible to "fix" this only using the speedbrake? and off course the Forecast wind section I noticed that I get this message and that my descent is interrupted since I use active sky and I always arrive slightly high (in ILS landing) I tried using "econ" in landing but at the end entering the values of the wind in cruise and other altitudes through forecast I managed to get off lightly
  8. I found a "fix" if u use a 4k resoultion on monitor the start simulation bottom and the top part of the program are invisible like the problem whit the setup installation program you have to setup "dpi" on proprietis compatible when you are in the program configuration just go with the mouse in the part where normally is the bottom and you will see you can press
  9. i have an rtx2080 ti msi trio gaming x and i can confirm that I have not noticed an increase in terms of fps
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