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  1. By the way, I noticed the link to my site wasn't working since the address contained a dot too much at the end and I can't edit the post anymore. The correct link is: https://www.simict.com
  2. Hello Gary, I forgot to mention the 'Use Autorudder' checkbox on the 'Realism' setting page. Turn this off when you want to use a joystick or rudder pedal to be able to move the rudder with your controller. Best regards, Richard
  3. Hello Gary, Yesterday I was also busy with camera's and views in P3D and I figured out a configuration that works beautifully for me. I use my old Logitech Attack 3 joystick for controlling the view in my cockpit. By moving the stick I now pan around my active camera and by using 4 buttons on top of the joystick and 2 buttons at the bottom of the joystick I can now easily move the eyepoint of the camera. Please take a look at my settings and maybe this will also solve this for you. Assigning the rudder should also be working when you've first selected the right controller and change the assignment as I show below. Maybe you also need to check the 'reverse' checkbox in case the pedals are steering opposite of what you expect. I also developed a nice addon with which you can switch camera eyepoint views easily with an additional keyboard independently. For more information, take a look at my site at: https://www.simict.com. Best regards, Richard
  4. Hello Captain420,

    A while ago I showed you screenshots of a program I was working on for easily managing downloaded airport/route charts that has a kneeboard function and some other useful features. I have been working many hours on this project again, which I call SimICT Assist, and from today on you can download an evaluation version (maximum of 10 airports and 50 charts per airport) from the following website: 


    Feel free to try it out. I am very much interested in your opinion. I appreciate any feedback.

    Best regards, Richard

  5. Hello Everyone, I have been working many hours on this project - SimICT Assistant - again and for anyone interested, from today you can download an evaluation version (maximum of 10 airports and 50 charts per airport) from the following website: https://www.simict.com Any feedback is very much appreciated. Best regards, Richard
  6. Hello armchair_pilot, it's been a while since my previous post. I haven't been busy with the development of the software for a while since I am busy developing electronics for Prepar3d. I will continue development of the charts program later on, but I want to finish the electronics first.
  7. I had the same issue when updating from P3DV4.3 to P3DV4.4. The following change in Prepar3D.cfg as posted in the Prepar3D forum solved it for me. I changed: MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=True to MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=False under the [Graphics] section and the problem was gone. See the following post on the forum: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=131838&sid=aa75f5c569a3c82d793da22591fdfaa7&start=15 We enabled scaling of the ambient light based on moon phase. You can disable the moon-phase lighting in the Prepar3D.cfg: [Graphics]MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=0
  8. Hi captain420, I sure need to have some beta testers in the future. I have send you a private message regarding the sounds, in short below is part of this message I have sent. For airport environment sounds check out the following site: https://www.audioblocks.com/royalty-free-audio/flight-sound-effects Search on the audioblocks site for these phrases: terminal, airport, truck, alarm and siren. They have so many good sounds. I can play these sounds randomly with my program. It would be even much more fun to have these sounds played depending on the state of the checklists in my program, e.g. when parked at the gate (and using the relevant checklist for being at the gate) I can then play random airport terminal sounds, and other plane sounds when e.g. taxiing. For the moment my program is playing random mp3 or wav files that are present in the sounds folder (at random intervals). I will still have to test this out, but I am already looking forward hearing airport terminal sounds when at the gate or starting jets when taxiing or on the runway. Maybe also already start collecting these sounds, so you have them at hand whenever I ask you help me beta test my program, since I will not distribute these sounds with my program. It would be much fun to have someone help me testing the program. By the way, my program needs to be run on one or two separate monitors apart from the main P3D window, since Foxit Reader will not stay on top of P3D when on the same window as the P3D virtual cockpit (my program will stay on top however).
  9. Foxit Reader is actually also a very nice program, you can change skins and have classic toolbar mode or ribbon mode active. Maybe I can also couple Xodo to my program, I will see if it is possible. It depends on the fact whether or not Xodo supports commandline parameters so I can control which page of a pdf file is being displayed when a button is pressed. I also read your suggestion on another thread about having airport sounds when you're parked at the gate. This is a great idea and today I already programmed it in my program. Depending on which checklist is active, ambient sounds are automatically played (randomly). You only need to specify a sound folder and a new checkbox that you want to play sounds. See below screenshot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vv6vofmnn79sr2e/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-23_13-49-10.png?dl=0
  10. Hello captain420, Thank you for your kind reply and suggestions. I think UI customization and a favorites option is something I can make relatively quickly (and is definitively something I will focus on the coming months). Indeed I was already considering some kind of night modus, but I have been concentrating on the functionality first. With Foxit reader it is already possibly to change the colors (under preferences) so the charts can be displayed in night modus, see below image, however for some charts this inverted color scheme is not always optimal. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mmp8wxqtcyp43nv/2018-06-23_0-19-12.png?dl=0 It would be nice when my program also uses less bright colors during night flying. This I will investigate soon. Below you can see me approaching Copenhagen while making use of (an older version of) my program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xh0xjkioonaht9w/Setup.jpg?dl=0 I think I can probably make it as an add-on to P3D so that it can be started from within P3D, but I have not done this before. I have to investigate, it should not be difficult I guess, I will see when I have time. I am already having much more fun during flights now since finding a certain chart is so much easier now, no need for browsing a file-directory or finding the correct page within a pdf-file. Foxit Reader and Acrobat are showing multiple charts as tabs already, so that is working fine for me. However, I would like it very much to have the pdf viewer functionality built within the program. That is possible, however an opensource pdf-viewer component for Visual Studio I have not found yet, and implementing a pdf viewer myself is maybe taking a lot of time. Paid pdf viewer components for Visual Studio are relatively costly, so that is not something I consider right now. At the moment actually I don't need this functionality that much, since I use multiple monitors and using the 'stay on top' mode is also handy when you want to use only one monitor for the program and viewing charts. The program is always staying on top of Foxit or Acrobat. When the program is on the left or right side of the monitor, you can still view the charts, although using two monitors (that I do) is much more convenient. Making annotations on charts is something I think is taking a lot of time to make and I think that can probably only be done when I use a pdf component like I suggest above. However, maybe I can make some kind of 'memo' function in order to be able to type additional text for a certain chart. That text I can show then on the main screen in a separate blue box when a chart is opened. Then I will also make a checkbox in the settings by which you can turn this on or off. The Navigraph interface is also very beautiful, I agree. The advantage of using my program is that you don't need a costly yearly subscription, just download charts from the internet and configure the program. Something I am also considering are the enroute charts that Navigraph is also having. I know you can download enroute charts from internet, however these pdf files are very huge and load relatively slow. I am not using these charts yet with my program, but actually it should already be possible to open these charts also from my program. Maybe I will add a separate section for enroute charts. Displaying jpg files from within my program is also something worth considering for displaying these enroute charts, so these files can maybe be loaded a lot faster. By the way, under the graphics - display settings in P3D I disabled the 'Black-out Desktop' setting. This ensures the charts on the separate monitor remain visible when P3D has the focus.
  11. I am a professional software developer and I am currently developing a program that I am using during my P3DV4 simulation flights. This program can be runned on top or not on top and there is no need to run Prepar3D in Windowed mode. At the moment I am testing it. With this program you can make coloured buttons per airport per chart category. All you have to do is specify for each button that you make, is the category, the pdf file that is used, the page number and the zoom factor. You can use a single pdf per airport or a pdf file per chart separately. This can be handy when you have a single pdf file for all charts for a certain airport, but it is also possible to specify the pdf chart file separately per button. Also I made a kneeboard function so you can save certain charts of a airport to the kneeboard. When a button is clicked, a pdf-file viewer is launched like Foxit Reader or Acrobat, that then automatically displays the correct page of the chart with the desired zoom factor. The program can also display the metar information of the selected airport (whenever you like) and it is possible to display some general information about an airport that you setup yourself in the settings. Further I made checklist functionality, so that per aircraft per checklist category the checklist items can be processed (by pressing a shortcut key). When all items for a certain checklist are processed, the program automatically advances to the next checklist. Finally I made a website list, so that it is easy to open a certain website directly from the program. The program easily "snaps" to the corners of your sreen and whenever you want you can make the program allways on top or not. I made also a function with which you can hide easily all shortcuts on your desktop or hide the Windows taskbar. Below are some links of screenshots of the program I developed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2xrroqo6sj9pz5/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-17_14-59-08.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/aemy0m4f9l20j4l/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-17_15-01-15.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/06f6vuxzyxlpk0f/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-17_16-29-07.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tx37qou2xe9kbq9/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-17_15-03-58.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/u6u87g3kw2aezq8/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-17_16-40-34.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/glwf88zur8u3yeb/Flight Simulation Assistant_2018-06-17_16-31-34.png?dl=0
  12. By the way, don't use the vertical sync settings BlackBox711 suggest in his video in my previous post, because then the undocking problem will persist.
  13. Also be sure to watch the following video on YouTube of user BlackBox711: Prepar3d V4.1 - PC Settings January 2018 He defined 4 different profiles in P3D. For IFR and VFR flights he uses a different profiles. Very handy! It seemed to me that the following settings he suggested also improved my FPS considerably: Dynamic Reflections - Off Shadow Draw Distance - Low
  14. Another very useful tip for preventing microstutters which helped me also a lot is the following. In NVidia control panel (so not the NVidia inspector) go to the setting: 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Go to the P3D profile under 3d settings and make sure that Pre rendered frames is set to 1, not application controlled!
  15. I solved the problem by going to NVidia control panel (so not the NVidia inspector). The setting "3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Vertical Sync -> Use the 3D application settings" I changed into: off In Prepar3d I've put off VSync and changed the FPS to unlimited. After these changes I had no longer slow FPS after unlocking a popup window in PMDG 737 NGX. I easily get 30-40 FPS in EHAM airport. I have 3 monitors for the outside view and 3 for the controls of which I basically only use one.
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