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  1. Mindframe85

    Exterior Views

    It's not a big deal anyway. I love ChasePlane but if it at some point this becomes a feature to use for a second view or an additional view to the main cockpit view then I'm all in.
  2. Mindframe85

    Exterior Views

    Are you guys talking about having a 2nd view ? I only ask that cause I mainly use the cockpit view but I also have another view of the aircraft or pax wing view but I can't seem to use any of my Chaseplane presets I created on the 2nd view. So when I go to Views/New View/Custom/Outside (ChasePlane) within P3D all it shows is the inside of the aircraft and I can't change anything. Kinda sucks cause I'd like to view these awesome presets in there as well along with the main cockpit view. If this is what your referencing then I'm on the same boat with ya. Hopefully you can be able to use ChasePlane views on a 2nd camera angles. Unless theres a way you can export the presents into the camera.cfg for it to actually show up. Idk if that would work.
  3. Mindframe85


    Hello Just got Chasecamera and absolutely enjoying it so far . I downloaded a few nice presets from the community download section. Set it all up and saved each one. Only thing is I also use 2nd view as a wing view for example I'll have the cockpit view and a small second camera view (new camera) as a wing view also. Only problem is I'll click new view and choose Chasecamera Outside camera but it won't show my wing preset view. It reverts back to inside the aircraft and there's no way to change it. Is there somewhere in the configuration to get this to work so I can see my Chasecamera presets in the 2nd view also?
  4. Mindframe85

    MCE + GSX

    Hi guys. Started using MCE and like it so far. Having a FO controlling knobs, flaps, nav, etc comes real handy. Now my only question is when I call for ground services (GSX) to open doors for boarding , how come my main exit keeps closing and opening? I can't seem to close the cargo doors either on the CRJ 700/900 after request to close all doors. I reviewed the manual and will try it again but it's a little annoying . Only solution now is to hit CTL + F12 to get it working or close doors manually on the iPad (DAVE). If anyone might know a fix or command to get this working please let me know. It's not really a big deal but it's a bit annoying.
  5. Mindframe85

    Simbrief ?

    Ok I'll give it a go. Thanks.
  6. Mindframe85

    Simbrief ?

    I'll try this out. How do I save it as a P3D format?
  7. Mindframe85

    Simbrief ?

    Also, when I dispatch a flight plan in Simbrief, how do I delete it? I tried doing it yesterday but it couldn't remove at this time or some error like that.
  8. Mindframe85

    Simbrief ?

    Update: I signed up with simbrief, watched the video tutorials (really helpful btw), created a flight plan and downloaded the CRJ 700 flight plan. I inputed the flight plan to the correct flight plan folder under the CRJ folder which was fine. Now prior to using Simbrief I would just use the P3D default flight planner using VOR waypoints. So when I would ask for clearance ATC knows where I'm heading. Question is now , how do I get ATC in P3D to give me clearance using a flight plan in Simbrief? Anyone know where I'm going with this? I'm using default ATC which I've enjoyed using in the past.
  9. Mindframe85

    Simbrief ?

    Oh yeah I plan to. Just wanted to get a few thoughts on it. Ill give it a try tonight.
  10. Mindframe85

    Simbrief ?

    Hello, Was looking for a flight planner for the CRJ 900 and came across Skyvector. Not sure if it's the right tool to use but someone recommended using Simbrief? Anyone use this and will my flight plan automatically load into the CRJ? I'm new to this and would like to know. Thanks everyone.
  11. Mindframe85

    Headset recommendation

    Looking for a headset to use with MCE or VOXATC . Any good recommendation with good price?
  12. Mindframe85

    Multi Crew Experience?

    Anyone using this add on? I purchased Pro ATC X and I'm not fan. Somehow it kept crashing with my Aerosoft CRJ. Also looking to use headset and have been looking at videos of MCE and liking the features. So far it's good to know that it is compatible with the CRJ 700/900 and I like how the ATC sounds realistic. Having a FO to assist with checklists, flaps, radio nav, etc. What headset would you recommend to get for this add on? And is it easy to setup / install running v4?
  13. Mindframe85

    PRO ATC/X for P3Dv4.2

    Seems like that might be the right approach lol. How about Multi Crew Experience? Is there a way I can still use that without a headset? Possible?
  14. Mindframe85

    The Azores

    Looking for a scenery add on for the Azores islands. I know TropicalSim had made one years ago for FSX. Anyone know of any add ons that would feature the Azores islands. Hopefully its in development soon.
  15. Mindframe85

    PRO ATC/X for P3Dv4.2

    I guess that answers my question. I'm currently learning the CRJ 700/900 right now, but if PRO ATC X focuses more on airliners and not fully function with the default models then I think I'll pass on it. I was mostly looking for an ATC tool that can assist me with startup, taxi, takeoff, flight, and approach. As for flight planning I also saw that Pro ATC X has a flight planning feature that you can upload to your aircraft. Not so sure on the other add ons cause I haven't looking into them yet. Someone else on a live stream had said that Pro ATC X doesn't direct ground traffic from the tower, which kind of is a bummer. Hope I'm wrong though. So that's why I wanted to ask before I hit purchase.