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  1. Hello. If anyone uses Ultimate Traffic Live. I just installed. I notice I don't see any moving jetways on aircrafts. How can I get this to work? Also does UTL work with default ATC or connect with it in P3D? I don't really see a lot of action or any planes taxing to and from gate.
  2. Well I tried returning back to 4.4 because apparently there's an issue with 4.5 causing FPS performance at night. I never had any problems before up until now and I know it's definitely not my system. Flying during the day though is flawless.
  3. Btw I also lowered it to MSAA and that didn't help either
  4. Hello, in reference to my last post. Does anyone have issues with dynamic lighting in 4.5? Is this a known bug? I suddenly get bad performance when panning around. Lots of lag spikes and stutters. Everything else is fine though.
  5. Hi all. So I noticed last night that every time I load up a flight at night especially at airports like YYZ or BOS, I get a huge drop in FPS and everything just pans around slow. Not sure what the cause maybe. I recently purchased a new Acer monitor so everything runs butter smooth up until I arrive at an airport like YYZ or BOS . Both installed from FlyTampa. Ran a quick test at daytime and everything runs ok there. Only at night is where I find the issue with FPS. I did research and lowered my AA down to 8xMSAA, even tried with 4x and 2x. Still doing the same. Come to realize is that when I shut off dynamic lighting in game settings, it seemed to have fixed the issue. Although now by doing that it makes lighting look blah and disgusting without dynamic lighting on. So is there another tweak or configuration to solve this issue? Or do I just have to wait for a new update to fix the problem?
  6. Hello, I'm running into an issue with Chaseplane Replay and the Aerosoft Airbus. I use the checklist and copilot assistance that is featured with the Aerosoft Airbus. Everything is working flawless. Co pilot runs all the checklists and flaps lights etc etc. Now during flight if I use the Chaseplane Replay and then resume back to my flight. Somehow it suddenly disables the co pilot feature and I'm not sure as to why. Would anyone have a solution to this? I know it's nothing major to be honest but I do enjoy watching takeoff videos on the wing view, but when I resume back to my flight it disables the co pilot. If anyone could help or if Chaseplane developers can look into it. Thanks!
  7. In addition, this only happens when I'm grounded
  8. Hello, Currently running P3D 4.5 and using Chaseplane. All is working great. The only issue I'm having is when using Chaseplane Replay. Everytime the replay finishes it pauses the Sim, which is not the problem. The problem is when I unpause the sim it jumps my aircraft out of position and sounds like it's crashing. Almost like it glitches or lags for a second but still my aircraft jumps or stutters. Does anyone have a solution to fixing this issue? It's only when I'm using the Chaseplane replay feature. I also unchecked pause sim on tasks to see if that was the problem but apparently it's not.
  9. It's not a big deal anyway. I love ChasePlane but if it at some point this becomes a feature to use for a second view or an additional view to the main cockpit view then I'm all in.
  10. Are you guys talking about having a 2nd view ? I only ask that cause I mainly use the cockpit view but I also have another view of the aircraft or pax wing view but I can't seem to use any of my Chaseplane presets I created on the 2nd view. So when I go to Views/New View/Custom/Outside (ChasePlane) within P3D all it shows is the inside of the aircraft and I can't change anything. Kinda sucks cause I'd like to view these awesome presets in there as well along with the main cockpit view. If this is what your referencing then I'm on the same boat with ya. Hopefully you can be able to use ChasePlane views on a 2nd camera angles. Unless theres a way you can export the presents into the camera.cfg for it to actually show up. Idk if that would work.
  11. Hello Just got Chasecamera and absolutely enjoying it so far . I downloaded a few nice presets from the community download section. Set it all up and saved each one. Only thing is I also use 2nd view as a wing view for example I'll have the cockpit view and a small second camera view (new camera) as a wing view also. Only problem is I'll click new view and choose Chasecamera Outside camera but it won't show my wing preset view. It reverts back to inside the aircraft and there's no way to change it. Is there somewhere in the configuration to get this to work so I can see my Chasecamera presets in the 2nd view also?
  12. Hi guys. Started using MCE and like it so far. Having a FO controlling knobs, flaps, nav, etc comes real handy. Now my only question is when I call for ground services (GSX) to open doors for boarding , how come my main exit keeps closing and opening? I can't seem to close the cargo doors either on the CRJ 700/900 after request to close all doors. I reviewed the manual and will try it again but it's a little annoying . Only solution now is to hit CTL + F12 to get it working or close doors manually on the iPad (DAVE). If anyone might know a fix or command to get this working please let me know. It's not really a big deal but it's a bit annoying.
  13. Ok I'll give it a go. Thanks.
  14. I'll try this out. How do I save it as a P3D format?
  15. Also, when I dispatch a flight plan in Simbrief, how do I delete it? I tried doing it yesterday but it couldn't remove at this time or some error like that.
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