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  1. I'm in a similar situation - except with an Ryzen 5 1600. From my recent research, the 1080 and 2070 preform relatively similarly, with the 2070 having a slight edge due to it being more recent. If you can safely buy a 1080 that is cheaper than a 2070, I'd reckon that makes for a good decision. However if you aren't sure it's a GPU bottleneck or a CPU bottleneck I would keep task manager open during a few flights and see what the CPU and GPU loads are like during different situations.
  2. Hello all, I am currently interested in upgrading part of my system, however I currently can only spend around 500 US. My specs are as follows - Ryzen 5 1600, 32 GB of DDR4-2666, GTX1060 6GB, a 1TB and a 2TB 7200rpm HD, and 124GB SSD, and a Thermaltake MasterLiquid 240 that seems to always keep my CPU cool. I run v4.5 with good number of addons (FSL, QW, ActiveSky, and numerous scenery addons). In clear conditions in the middle of an ocean I can get 40-50FPS in the labs and I usually get just below 30. In bad conditions I’d be lucky to get over 10 FPS in any bad weather situation. So my question should I upgrade my CPU/MOBO or my GPU. I’ve been leaning a little towards the GPU and getting an RTX2070 however I could either upgrade my CPU which would probably mean an i7-8700k/9700k and a new motherboard. Eventually an R5 1600 with a 2070 will bottleneck and an i7-8700k/9700k with a 1060 would bottleneck. I think the extra 2GB of vram, and higher clock speeds of the 2070 would yield a better performance in worse weather conditions, but again, there will be a bottleneck until I can upgrade the other part. Would you see a GPU upgrade being better it would you see a CPU upgrade being better?