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  1. Contactdepture

    747 Brake Temp Problem

    Thanks guys. Understood! KR
  2. Contactdepture

    747 Waypoint Problem

    you are all quite right, waypoint wise, I neglected to mention that was going to land on the 4R, but ATC told me 13L hence the AROKE waypoint.
  3. I have the V.III version of the 747 and I have been taxiing without undo use of the brakes, didn't even go that far, but they heat up nonetheless. I do not use pedals , just a joystick and a squeeze brake lever. Sometimes it happens after landing too. Didn't happen much on the earlier version. What's going on?? Anyway to turn it of Tx Ken
  4. Contactdepture

    747 Waypoint Problem

    I this particular flight, I was just taking what PFPX gave me in terms of flight plan altered it because it didn't make sense, but I see your point.
  5. Contactdepture

    747 Waypoint Problem

    will look into the flyby etc. I appreciate the advice
  6. Contactdepture

    747 Waypoint Problem

    Ok, sorry for all of the ambiguity. I program PFPX and import the flight plan. When I check it before take off (not even in the air yet), you can see that there will be a premature turn even though the way point is displayed and loaded correctly in the FMC and I am still on the ground. So speed has nothing to do with this. Changing the SID, makes no difference. So for example, I was flying into JFK on a 13L approach from the north. AROKE was the next active waypoint, but the flight line would turn a few miles early. Then, after the turn, TELEX was next and then CAXON before 13L. The flight line predicted a turn that would actually bypass these two waypoints (even though they were in the FMC and lit purple showing active in the cockpit) and turn just ahead of CAXON. I must be doing something wrong. It happens at all different airports, no particular to JFK. Not sure how to post media, but I would like to show you a screen shot.. Any thoughts? Thanks so much. Ken Rose
  7. Contactdepture

    747 Waypoint Problem

    p3Dv4: On approach, the flight line (purple) turns several miles before the next active waypoint. Even though the waypoint is in the FMC and says it is next, the plane will show that it will turn before it making landing a little difficult. I usually compensate by using heading select to the waypoint and then turning manually. Clearly, this should not happen. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?? Thank so much!
  8. Contactdepture

    PMDG 747 Waypoint Problem

    When using the PMDG 747 in LNAV, I am finding that the flight line (purple line) turns before for the active waypoint on approach even though the waypoint is active (lit up in purple). The turns can occur a few miles before the active waypoint thus making landings a bit difficult sometimes. I usually compensate by using the heading select to fly to the way pointthen turn, but obviously I should not need to do this. Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks so much! KR
  9. Contactdepture

    PMDG 747 time Compression CTD

    Thank you for your advice everyone. I have determined I am having a hardware problem. Anyway, for what it is worth: I have used both the system and the PMDG time compression and it it will work at 8x. I agree 16x is too much for the autopilot to handle. No problem though, 8x is good enough to cross the Pacific etc. Thanks everyone!! Case closed.
  10. Contactdepture

    PMDG 747 time Compression CTD

    Thank you (I think) Mr. Proudfoot.
  11. Whenever I use the time compression (8x or more) on the 747, I get CTD. Using P3v4. I do not turn off the AI, but I I never had CTD when I used FSX at 8 x or even 16x with AI. Anyone have any ideas?? TY
  12. Contactdepture


    Thank you for everything. Lots of help. Appreciate it!
  13. Contactdepture


    Yeah, I was looking at Jetline and it get the message. I like the that company is geared toward flight sim as its base product. Willing to get the $2700 model as it seems to fit my needs. Really appreciate you recommending them. One more question....I have a lot of experience with FSX, but none with P3. Is it significantly better and if can I use them both from same computer? Tx
  14. Contactdepture


    thinking more in the $1000 range however, but I will look at jetliner. Tx!
  15. Contactdepture


    I suppose the million dollar question, or perhaps to the $3K question, is: is it now time to ditch FSX for Prepar3d v4 ? I am just a recreational simmer, but enjoy the eye candy. I have had good success with an outdated system (2011), but I can use both correct? The migration tools will allow me to move my add-ons to P3 is I want? The stats on the Lockheed website say an 8GB video card is necessary. That's a little pricy. Can you get away with a 2GB? Tx so much!