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  1. Hi, I have the problem that UGCX scenery indexer does not load the correct bgl files. Aerosoft EDDK as an example, here a bgl of the Orbx germany south scenery is loaded. How can I handle this best? I always stand at gates, which UGCX does not know ... Thanks! Matthias
  2. It´s definitely the newest version of prepar3d (, but yes, that was the issue also with the GPU and Batteries! I re-assign the mouse ID´s and now it works! I can not say why that was so... I had tried everything, but I did not come up with the idea with possibly wrong mouse ID´s... Now, as with almost all other versions, i can finally use fs2crew for FSLABS as it should. Thank you for the fast and kind support!!!
  3. I use the latest version of P3DV4. The first switch the FO moves is the APU firetest button. Lights working, flaps and so on. The only thing, when i didn't miss something, the FO don't set the autobreak to max during the afterstart/taxi flow. However, my only problem at the moment is the powering on the batteries and ground power...
  4. The crew change option is on no, and i leave anything how it is in the cockpit. I load in the cold and dark state and start the preflight event. At +30min the Copilot adjust the seat and the table and then nothing happens. The next thing what he perform in the cockpit is the APU firetest, but there is no power in the cockpit. I tried with an another liverie, on another airport, and with or without jetways...
  5. Hello, i have the issue that the pilot monitoring does not turn on the batteries or connect the GPU during the pre-flight events. I use the cold and dark panel state, avail lights up on the external power button. I tried everything in the settings, but nothing works for me. Maybe someone can help me. Thank you! Matthias
  6. Hello Rüdiger! No idea why this setting was activated. thank you! Matthias
  7. Hello! Maybe someone can help me here. I have a problem with my Airport Scenery, which are installed as an addon (Aerosoft EDDK as an example). It looks like the airport has its own atmosphere... Does anyone have an idea here or have you ever seen this? I would be very thankful for help. Matthias
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