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  1. I’m really at a loss as to why this has happened and it has crossed my mind that could it be a Windows update or driver issue. I always install the latest Nvidia drivers and Windows updates. When I reinstalled P3D after noticing the original issue I also done a full reinstall of Windows OS as well. Once updated this would have included the latest Windows updates and patches including Nvidia driver update.
  2. Just want to report that I also have the same issues now with the latest v5 hotfix. 1080ti card, i7 processor, 32gb ram. Blurry textures appeared for me since installing True Earth Oregon but I think that was just a coincidence. Everything was running well before this and no blurry texture issues when flying. Now and even after completely removing P3d and reinstalling to another ssd drive I still get the issues. At a total loss as to why this is happening and pretty fedup after putting so much time and money into P3D, it was running well now bang, a mess. 😞
  3. No problem at all, I'm pleased that the livery is working for everyone. Thanks for you time and effort in creating those excellent liveries 👍
  4. Hi I resolved the issue with the Allegiant livery by changing the parking code entry in the aircraft.txt file then copying it to my aircraft.cfg - runs first time with no problems. atc_parking_codes=Allegiant (removed Allegiant - see below) atc_parking_codes= (left this blank) Hope this helps.
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