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  1. Steven Cuthill

    demo experation

    Thanks for the response, I will contact him and double check i have the correct version.
  2. Steven Cuthill

    demo experation

    I watched a video on youtube and the user was using VOXATC. I thought wow looks like a cool program , thought i would give it a try. Download the demo , installed great. I had to mess around with the text files to get the voice recognition to work properly after uninstall it. Went through the voice recognition went to fly and demo has expired. I've read that this was caused by me reinstalling the software. I didn't even get to try it . I also had issues loading the flight plans, it would crash prepar3d v 4.2. I'd consider buying this software, but don't want to buy it if i'm going to have a ton of issues with it. Thanks in advance if anyone is willing to help, and my apologies if issue has already been resolved.