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  1. Hi all, I have the same problem as edwardwtlam, adding the function of MULTISCAM CONTROL the swicht from the bottom right called "PWS" to position it in OFF and AUTO Can you please assist? Or if does not exist, how can I do the workaround? Thanks a lot!!!
  2. I forgot to indicate that it was from Carenado this is where I get lost, in the way of transforming 3B78 into 67350 Thank you
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum, first to thank for the work that I observe, I have also read your publication on how to request modules. I am building a cabin, homemade, for my flight simulator, with several screens, yoke, throttle, rudder and VRinsight I, accompanied by a pedestal that I would like to make with different systems. One of the planes that I like the most is the Cessna Citation A525 CJ2. Read the manuals and trying to get to understand the operation of the Linda programming, I find that I am not able to know the offset for this plane. It is possible that someone of you can guide me. As an example: function Gen1On ipc.control (xxxxx, 1) Thank you Sorry for my English
  4. Very good, I press myself, I'm Jaime and I belong to Ivao about ten years ago. This is my hoby and little by little I try to make improvements in my knowledge. Now I have decided to try Linda for the Citation 525A, CJ2. Where should I ask questions about this topic? Thank you
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