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  1. If I buy the GTN combo, how many installs I would get for a single key? Does it require an internet connection to be launched? I have several PC's with XP11.
  2. We don't need no stinkin' airports. Just release the A320 vids.
  3. And that's strange, because it's a somewhat demanded feature, especially for training purposes.
  4. Is there any plugin out there that can wind back the clock, so I can re-fly desired part again?
  5. / Is there any script or plugin to disable shadows completely? Thanks for reply!
  6. Thanks! But what about brightness? Is there any way to increase it?
  7. Is there any way to disable cockpit shadows completely and set instrument panel at constant brightness level (without dimming and brightening if I change heading).
  8. How do I make cockpit lightning in XP11 constantly bright (just like in XP10 on this screenshot) without going dark if I turn into the sun? I have managed to turn off all shadows in the cockpit by setting shadow/csm_split_interior to 0 in the settings.txt file and that significantly improved situation, but it hasn't completely turned them off. The cockpit is still getting dark if I turn into the sun.
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