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  1. Just ordered the 737ng training syllabus for Mike Ray! I'm wondering, does it cover systems or just flying it?
  2. Sadly, I'm not located in the UK, but I'm in the US. 😞 If you still REALLY want to get rid of them, I'm still here!
  3. Hello! I recently have undertaken the journey of learning the 737 systems and have found out about the chief pilot manual set. I am well aware that this is a discontinued product, but I am just wondering if anyone knows where to find this set. I've already checked Ebay and saw that they all must've sold out! I am also well aware that the manuals can be found in the pmdg flight sim folder, but I much prefer the paper manuals. If you do not know where to find this, does anyone know what kind of paper flight manuals use. I would actually have the desire to print it out but I want it to be almost the same way as the actual set. Also of anyone knows if there are any system diagrams out there for sale, please let me know. Thanks so much for reading this and I hope someone can help out!
  4. Hi! Sorry for the late response. Yes, I did pause and go web surfing briefly, but when I went away from keyboard, and came back, I saw the blank white screen. Thanks for the welcome and I will be sure to be more precise and add tags when I post again.
  5. Hi! Today on a flight from DEN-ABQ in the 737ngx, I paused the flight while I had lunch, only to find that when I unpaused the flight, a white blank screen covered everything. Wondering if there is a fix. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi. I need help to repaint the 737ngx. What i'm really looking for is someone to create a new livery for me that includes the following logo: Thanks in advance!
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