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  1. Ken Smith

    Carenado FA50 EX FSX/P3D

    That's been the crux of the story over so many years of FlightSim. From what I've seen (not officially heard or otherwise), Gulfstream basically flat-out refuses to get behind the concept, so that's out of the question. As for Bombardier (??) Not sure, haven't heard or seen. Agreed on the Dassault side of things. Can't seem to get the whole package together in one shot. Wilco is just about the better of the three, however, if once you've been exposed to working on the real thing (Any Falcon Epic EASy flight deck), it's a real let down on the avionics, totally. As far as a market, they'd have us in for sure, but my observation, anyway, is the FlightSim community is majority driven any and every other direction except corporate jets. Carenado being a nice exception to the rule, however we're talking more of the large cabin category. That market is severely under-served.
  2. Ken Smith

    Bugs disappearing?

    I guess this is where I should be glad to be avionics and NOT having to clean windows whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, if they paid enough, I'd include it in my tasks, but..just pointing it out. 😁👍 (Yes, I know I'm usually a little late to these discussions and all, and work, you understand ✌)
  3. First Flight in the -8? Perfect, Great, Dream Machine, Landing? Nailed it. Then... Brakes hot, tires melt.......I laughed silly. I think I was so happy the sim didn't go BSD, CTD, or OOM, the little, landing roll "error" and learning the ways of the PMDG Realism Force was the least of my worries....!!! 😄😜 Thanks for the input from those that posted about technique on Stopping-Finesse with our new lady 😎
  4. Ken Smith

    One Year on P3dv4 and PMDG

    "What do I need a suit for? I don't hobnob with the Jet-Set, I just fix their planes."
  5. Got 'em both done. Easy enough to do each time, so no sweat. Thanks Robert. We're all totally looking forward the Lady's release!
  6. Something that's more on my wavelength of the 747-8. 😉 ...And those that don't want to share their QOTS with a few hundred of their closest friends! (Now we just need to figure out how to incorporate something like this into the program code!! 😲 )
  7. Agreed. Best we not give any Real-World engineers bad ideas!! 😲
  8. Ken Smith

    Pro Flight Simulator

    Just got my first email today from this one. Never heard of this either, but I was laughing pretty good at the first few words and pictures. It was basically the typical, Work-From-Home-And-Make-Millions scam type of format, trying to introduce FSX like it wasn't Microsoft's and the world has never seen anything like it before. They never sleep, folks.
  9. Ken Smith

    Viva Las Vegas - Who is planning to attend?

    I'M SO ALL IN! Very excited to be hosting at the Squawkbox from 12 Noon - 1PM on SATURDAY for the Avionics Discussion / Q&A!! Looking forward to meeting EVERYONE! ( Seriously......Vegas?! This is going to be a BLAST!! ) Cheers, Blessings.....See Ya'll There!