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  1. I believe OP is talking about the NGX, not the NGXU
  2. Hi Alex, check out this thread i created. I couldn't get my NGX to work properly in v5 without CTDs so I've gone back to v4.5. Worth trying some of the ideas posted by others though.. good luck 🙂
  3. Thank you all for your replies and suggestions so far.. (let's also stop the nattering back and forth over silly problems from now on eh 😉 ) I could give the Pirep article's method a go but I doubt that would make a difference as I'm already able to install and load up the aircraft in v5 (unless i've misunderstood the gist of the article). But worth a shot to add those lines to .dll that @OzWhitey has posted above and report back. One interesting thing I noted when i installed the NGX into v5 using the latest installers from the PMDG site is that when the PMDG operations centre runs there is actually a small update for the NGX there to do which suggests the installer from the PMDG site doesn't actually contain the latest version. I did run the update when I installed it in v5 so maybe I should try reinstalling it and not do the suggested update in the operations centre? Just an idea but perhaps by doing the update through the operations centre it's causing something (vague I know) to become askew..? I'll give it a go and report back 🙂 Keep the ideas coming in but great to see that some people have got theirs running successfully. Perhaps they could share what version number of the NGX they're using as shown in the ops centre? And is the v5 you're using the latest HF1 version? I'm using HF1 version myself) @BillW & @Caveney737
  4. Ah that's a shame, did they announce that already? I'm sure it's to do with a .dll file or something alike, it's just the NGX doesn't have any of the usual offenders such as TrueGlass. Hmm. Seems weird I'm able to load it up in the sim at a gate and then it crashes within the first few mins
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has managed to get the PMDG 737 NGX (not NGXu) working in v5 yet? I know no official installer exists for this particular aircraft by PMDG but I am able to install it without any problems and load it up into the sim. However, a CTD always occurs after a couple of minutes in the 737 (usually when switching views but not exclusively) so does anyone have any ideas or know how to get it working? I've got the 777 working correctly without any issues or changing anything.. Many thanks 🙂
  6. Ah I see thanks, did he release some kind of public update saying that?
  7. Not a major problem but has anyone managed to get Tomatoshade and reflection profiles for aircraft working in v5 yet? As far as I'm aware it hasn't been updated yet.. but I could be wrong! Any ideas?
  8. Thanks @ChaoticBeauty for this 🙂 These two screenshots look incredible! Firstly the detail they have included on some (presumably) remote tropical islands is great to see and gives me hope that Asia (if this is the location) will get some much needed love 😍 The second screenshot I have few words for... this could be real life.... outstanding
  9. I don't believe it's related specifically to any add-on scenery/airports. During a 20 minute helicopter flight over the alps this sort of 'crashing' into the ground happened five times. All occurred when there was less than 500 feet of clearance from the ground but it didn't happen every time. Seems there may be a disconnect between the aircraft's understanding of the clearance above ground and what i actually. Saying that, no obvious cause yet to be able to replicate it
  10. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 Would deleting the prepar3d.cfg file and allowing it to rebuild affect any of the add on airports & ORBX? I didn't manually edit the file at all so want to avoid deleting it if I'd have reinstall everything
  11. Same here unfortunately. I'd say it's crashed 6/10 times so far and often after loading at 100% or pretty much any chance to scenery or loading to a newly installed airport
  12. I hope that 787 model in the background is some kind of hint for the future... 😏
  13. Would be nice to have the jetways (and maybe baggage/cargo loaders) already attached to the correct doors of an aircraft when loading up the sim for the first time at a terminal without having to request it (like currently in GSX)
  14. Hmmm you're right, I guess they've made it hard to do because of the licensing reasons. I'm sure there must be a way of tricking the task manager somehow.. in the past I've loaded up two of the same P3D licenses before simultaneously (entirely unintentional) so it's possible but I'm sure someone fair better skilled at computers than myself would know how to do it. Unfortunately FSX has long been absent from my computer now for quite some time, oh well! Thanks for your replies anyway 🙂
  15. Thanks Alan but not looking to buy another license. I'd like to run it on the same computer at the same time
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