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  1. aaronkia

    Autogen missing after Content update

    I haven't. I have now fixed the problem by updating FTX Global which has restored my autogen.
  2. Hello, After installing the latest P3D Content update there are no autogen buildings or trees anywhere in P3D 4.4 beyond the airports and is not limited to a particular region. Changing the autogen settings does not fix this either. Here are two screenshots showing the problem: https://ibb.co/SBc4xdS https://ibb.co/19ts83S. Does anyone have an idea what could've caused it and how to potentially fix it? Many thanks in advance, Aaron
  3. aaronkia

    Content update problem [Resolved]

    That seems to have done the trick! Thank you very much for your help 🙂
  4. aaronkia

    Content update problem [Resolved]

    Yes downloaded too. Sorry I should've clarified that when I said 'new Content'.
  5. aaronkia

    Content update problem [Resolved]

    Thanks for the confirmation. Did you delete your old cont1 and cont2 files?
  6. Hello, I have uninstalled the old Content and successfully downloaded the new Content, cont1 & cont2 files in order to do the update. When trying to install the Content I get this error... https://ibb.co/4SJCX9p I thought an error may have occurred when downloading the cont1.cab file so I have downloaded it again but this did not solve the problem. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? Many thanks, Aaron
  7. aaronkia

    ILS approach selection for Doha

    Ah that may be it! Sorry if this is a stupid questiion but how does one update the navdata? I do not have any subsciption to navigraph. Aaron Kia
  8. Hello, I have the Taxi2Gate scenery for Doha OTHH installed into 4.4 with no problems except for one. When selecting which approach on the 777 FMC, it gives me only options for using the ILS on 34R/16L and not for 34L. In real life there is an ILS for 34L and there is a video on youtube (link below, time 8:44) of someone able to use the ILS 34L approach. Would anyone be able to shed some light on why I may not be able to see this approach in the FMC? Many thanks in advance, Aaron Kia
  9. aaronkia

    The Office view leaving San Diego- GOOD MORNING!

    Does using a display port cable instead of an HDMI cable provide better results at 30hz? Aaron Kia
  10. aaronkia

    The Office view leaving San Diego- GOOD MORNING!

    Hi Carl, How are you using the 747 at KSAN? I'm pretty sure there aren't any gates that are big enough with the ORBX scenery when trying to use GSX so I'm interested to know if you have found a way. Many thanks, Aaron Kia
  11. aaronkia

    Update gear movement?

    Hello, Now that the update for the 747 is complete and available, will there now be an update in the works for the 777? If I remember correctly there was a forum post a while ago asking if the gear and gear-door movement will be smoothed out like it is now on the 747? I know it is such a minor point but something that I've always thought could look that little bit better! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work and happy new year, Aaron Kia
  12. aaronkia

    Sound Rendering ver. 4.4

    I am also getting this issue. Hopefully they find a fix for it soon!
  13. Hi Alan, no need to apologise! Thanks for adding it to your list and hopefully a fix can be found 🙂 I did think it could be related to the autobrakes but I can't seem to find a correlation between the autobrake setting and it happening. As shown in the video above with the Cathay Pacific cargo -8 at Sydney, the autobrake was on 1 but the issue didn't happen whereas in the BA -8 video at VHHH the autobrake was on 2 and it happened. . Many thanks for your help, Aaron Kia
  14. I completely agree. For me the aggressive pitch down is only stopping just before the nose wheel touches down due to me pulling back on my joystick pretty quickly to prevent it slamming down. The inconsistency of the problem suggests it isn't a problem with scenery/mesh. My best guess is it is perhaps something to do with the way the two inner sets of wheels of the main gear are programmed (probably not the right word I know!) as it does not occur when the outer wheels make contact as seen in all videos above. Landing flare technique can also be disregarded as further testing showed with some example videos above that it does not cause the problem. I hope we/PMDG can find a solution. Aaron Kia
  15. Yes I thought it may have something to do with scenery/terrain as I remember once also having a similar issue when approaching KSFO when the water and land intersect the aircraft suddenly fell out the sky. It's just weird how intermittent it is but at least it's only happening about 3 times out of 10 I'd say. I'll have a play around with settings and report back if I find any correlations. Likewise I'd be very grateful to hear if anything springs to mind for you too. Many thanks for your help. Aaron Kia