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  1. RatCat

    Speech recognition problem

    I have checked again all your hints, but the result is the same. This software won't run on my system as expected. Thanks you very much for your help.
  2. RatCat

    Speech recognition problem

    Goods news, bad news ... I got a Sennheiser PC7 USB microphone from a friend. After connection and installation, i launched a test run. The new mircophone was defined as a the default recording and playback device. P2A recognized my speech input!!! So far so good. But the sound playback of X-Plane was now on the single ear speaker of the PC7 headset. I changed the playback default device from PC7 to my Speakers. At this point, P2A doesn't recognized my speech any more. Why has P2A a problem with a other playback device? Tom
  3. RatCat

    Speech recognition problem

    Dave, I have download the newest Logitech C615 Webcam driver and installed this one. I have checked all settings again. The micro isn't muted, and is set as "default recording device". The recording level is ok. The device don't work in exclusiv mode and in communication tab is the option "do nothing" checked. Result... no success. If i use the "Replay" button, i don't hear my voice input. After that i open the microsoft Speech recognition. I could open a notepad with voice commands and dictate some sentences flawless. I have connected the Webcam into a other USB port (front slot) with the same result. A friend will give me tomorrow another mircophone with a USB connector. More result details tomorrow. Thanks a lot. Tom
  4. RatCat

    Speech recognition problem

    Hi Dave, thanks for your help. All my setup and configuration tests runs under the same condition: - Start a windows mirco recording test and playback to ensure proper settings. - Start X-Plane, running in background, C172 at gat, engine is running, radio and avionics on - P2A is connected to X-Plane (green PWR lamp is ON) - P2A SayIT funktion works well. My Callsign and 'ready to Copy' phrase can i hear loud and clear from my speakers (mixer settings ok) - Testing with mouse, keyboard and joystick trigger the PTT funktion (Grmr Help shows only "Full Txt:" ... nothing more) - Testing PPT phrase "say altimeter" or "<callsign> ready to copy" no luck... I can handle a flight controlling P2A by keyboard and mouse. Voice feedbacks are ok but the main speech feature doesn't work. Tom Grmr help
  5. Hello P2A Support, after spending a lot of time i can't fix the problem of my speech recognition of P2A. My Windows 10 computer setup is ok and i can use the internal speech recognition of microsoft very well. I have checked out all troubleshooting hints in the documentation, but the speech recognition of P2A doesn't work. I had tried differnt microphones. Logitech HD Webcam C615 (USB), Sennheiser PC-3 (3.5mm jack). My motherboard is a ASUS Z270F with a internal Realtek High Definition Audio system. Any hints what i can check out? Regards Tom