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  1. Is there an ETA on the G500/600?

  2. while flying for a bit, all systems are a go - no issues, frame rate are way above 35f/s, GTN working fine. all of a sudden I'm back on the runway where i started from. It appears Xplane is resetting. this only happens with the GTN not the GNS. Not sure why.
  3. I'm using the GTN 750 with PFC xplane 9.7 FAA version. I notice when I use the 750 that after few minutes of flight the system resets back to the original departure airport. This does not happen when i use same A/C using GNS 530 v2, only GTN 750. Any thoughts as to why? thanks
  4. Has anyone figured out how to remove the bezel from GNS 530 v2 yet? I'm using PFC controls and 430 Head. thanks
  5. OK, set both HSI AC and VOR only AC as per the settings provided. while the HSI AC OBS worked fine, however not in VOR AC. ( I did use different settings as requested) Also, both HSI and VOR did not read GPS inputs. I used other settings without success. Please help. thanks
  6. I have both the original GNS 530W/430W from a few years ago. same issue as new version. I purchased v2 this past week.and loaded. Regarding the software settings I have set "all" blue buttons to on for all aircraft I'm using including of HSI or VOR only A/C . Not sure if that's causing a conflict or not. If so, please provide a blue print to follow. thanks.
  7. my system is a PFC C2, PFC 430 control head using XP 9. I updated reality XP 530w/430 w v2. Using AC with HSI and without (only VOR) the OBS only works when I press OBS on the controller and a set OBS box opens for me to dial in a "radial" course which does appear over the fix. However when I dial the HSI or VOR depending on AC used this function does not turn the course line on the GNS 530 screen. I have all settings on Reality XP highlighted. Not sure what to do. Please offer a suggestion. thanks
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