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  1. Rolf Winterscheidt

    RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 X-Plane v2.4.3 Released!

    Whatever has caused the switched buttons: I just configured up to down and vice versa on the hardware side and it works. Hardware and RealityXP software together now give my sim such an upgrade, that’s really outstanding! It’s indeed exactly like the real one, I’m so happy.
  2. Rolf Winterscheidt

    RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 X-Plane v2.4.3 Released!

    Thank you for updating! The 430 v2 is like the real thing, so awesome! When using as NAV2 and controlled via the X-Plane's GNS430-1 I encounter some problems like I can switch frequencies with X-Plane's GNS430-1 but the display (NAV, NRST, etc.) need to be changed by X-Plane's GNS430-2. Ok, not the way you usually do it, I understand. And a different (easier?) issue: When completely switching to NAV2 and control by X-Plane's GNS430-2 I can use all know and dials, great! Just one single thing: Pressing the "nearer & farer" knob on the right upper side, it works the opposite way, means showing the map nearer is pressing the arrow up button to be farther away. Can this be fixed? Maybe even in the config? Background: Why do I even need to control your RXP 430v2 via the internal GNS? Simply I bought hardware that controls the internal GNS (from and cannot control the RXP directly. Best regards Rolf
  3. Rolf Winterscheidt

    New Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke

    I do have the so called old one. Yes, it’s a price tag but in the end it’s worth the money if you want as much reality as it can be.