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  1. Hi, I'm now using Prepar3D V4.5 and also using PMDG B777-200LR/F, B777-300ER, B777-200ER. 2 days ago, I flew from Amsterdam to Indonesia with B777-300ER. But in all of sudden, I got a two message on my EICAS and I lost both of my engine control. 'ENG FAIL R' and 'ENG FAIL L'. Because there were plenty of fuel, engine didn't turn off but I lost my thrust almost to idle. Even though I control my throttle in manual, thrust doesn't work at all. I could see the throttle in 777 changes as I control my throttle but no actions in EICAS. And yesterday, I did same flight in same route and same plane, then it crashed at just same place(above New Delhi, India) 'again'. Is this a problem with scenery?(But I don't have any add-on scenery in India.) I also send a ticket to PMDG about this problem but they said that they have not heard of this problem too. I did the full removal and clean installation but no difference. I use FSUIPC6 free version and I didn't set axis about mixture at all. I also checked 'Enable automixture'. I think this problem occurred after PMDG 777's recent update. Is there any solution for this? Thank you Sungyoon Lee
  2. Hello, Today I flew with PMDG 737-900 in rainy weather(P3D V4). So, I turned the wiper switch on in the overhead panel. It worked normally from virtual cockpit view. But when I saw it from the outside view, the wiper didn't move at all. (It looked like it stuck in the parking state even though I turned the switch ON.) By the way, the PMDG 737-800 Series were OK. Only the 900&900ER Series had this trouble. When I send a ticket to PMDG Supports with different 737NGX problems before, they said that I have to wait until the NG3 release. Of course I am and will looking forward to NG3 but I just found a small problem in NGX, So I'm asking here! Have you ever experienced this problem? Is this a known bug in PMDG 737NGX? Any helps would be appreciated! Thanks for your help in advance. -Sungyoon Lee
  3. Hello Simmers! A few days ago, I purchased PMDG 737NGX for P3D and I'm really enjoy with it. :) And I'm now using the P3D V4.5. Everything is fine but when I load my PMDG 737-900 (no winglets version) with the cold and dark panel state, there was ground reflection of RED navigation light even though I didn't turned on my NAV light in my cockpit. There was no red nav light itself, but there was only the reflection of it. Maybe the dynamic light of NGX is malfunctioning.. (Someone can say that this is just a tiny problem so I can ignore it. But.... haha) This occured just in PMDG 737-900 and other 737 planes are works well. When I send a support ticket to PMDG, they said that I have to wait until the NG3 release to solve this problem. They also said that they are not planned for further updates for NGX line. Well.. I really looking forward to NG3. But, until the release of NG3, I should have to fly with PMDG 737NGX...:( Is there any specific file or folder that controls the dynamic lights of PMDG 737NGX? I want to edit it with myself to solve this problem. I'll wait for the helps. Thank you for your helps in advance! :) Sorry for my bad English! Lee
  4. Hello, Simmers! :) Today, I flew with my PMDG737NGX in my FSX(DX10). After I bought the DX10 Fixer which Steve made, the external shadows where just awesome.(It was quite more realistic and more accurate than before.) However, Today when I flew with my 737 aircraft, The external shadows on some parts of my aircraft's fuselage didn't appear adequately. (To be more precisely, It was the bottom, center part of the fuselage which connect the body part and the main wing) Well, the other parts are good. For example, the Main Wing, Engine Nacelle, Fuselage and etc. Is this a limitation of the DX10 Fixer? or Did I something wrong with my DX10 settings? Thank you so much for your help in advance! :) -Lee
  5. Actually, In diagnose dialog, I read the same sentence you said. So, It means that I should choose btw two things! Thank you for replying!
  6. Well... I got my Shadows back when I 'UNCHECK' the HD Shadows. But without the HD Shadows, Now my shadows are blurry! I read that someone solved this problem by unchecking the 'Adaptive HD Zoom(?)' in the 'Debug' dialog. But I can't find the Debug dialog in my fixer.(Version is 3.5) How can I get sharp shadows(which I can also see in the wing view spot) with the DX10 Fixer?
  7. Hello, Today, I purchased the Steve's DX10 Fixer. And I happy with it because I got my troubles fixed! Typically, I got my shadows in fuselage. But I got one problem in my FSX after I purchased DX10 fixer. I CAN see the shadows in the fuselage and wings, etc. from 'Outside View' (through F11 Key). However, When I change my view to the 'Wing view', the shadow in my wing just DISAPPEARED! I think it's related to the distance with the view point and the shadow. or is there any problems with my DX10 Fixer Settings? I'll tell you few of my DX10 Fixer settings below. ----- My DX10 Fixer Settings ----- In Shadow Options... Toned Shadows: CHECKED Reduce Falloff with Angle: CHECKED Force VC Walls: CHECKED EZDOK Compabililty: UNCHECKED NGX Tuning: CHECKED Hide Shadows in Rain: UNCHECKED Enable Shadow Boost: CHECKED Reduce Fade in Poor Visibility: CHECKED HD Shadows: CHECKED TrackIR Compatibility: UNCHECKED Dont Shade MFDs: UNCHECKED Disable Volume Shadows: UNCHECKED Shadow Boost: 20%/50% Contrast: 10%/50% HD All Aircraft Shadow Bias 1.0 Volume Shadow Bias None ------------------------------------------ This is my settings in DX10 Fixer Shadow Options. Is there any problems with it? Actually, I got my shadows from wing views before I install the DX10 fixer today. Thanks for your help in advance :) -Lee
  8. Hello, Thanks to many recommendations in here Avsim, I finally decided to buy the Steve's DX10 Fixer to improve my FSX! It was very helpful in deciding my mind to move DX10 :D But Before purchasing the DX10 Fixer, I have few questions to ask. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I found that the DX10 Fixer improves the Shadows in VC(more accurately). And also found that the 'PMDG 737NGX' has sharp and accurate VC shadows with DX10 Fixer! That's Cool!! But, I couldn't found any clips or images about PMDG 777 or PMDG 747 V3 ones... Is it FULLY compatible with PMDG 777 & 747 V3(VC & Exterior Shadows and etc.)? 2. When I apply my 'DX10 Preview' mode in my FSX, I get some beautiful graphics in even higher frames. Even if I install the DX10 Fixer, the increase of frame still remain just like in 'DX10 Preview' mode? (Actually, The frame is one of the most important fact to me before I move to DX10.) 3. I knew that the DX10 Fixer also related to the exterior shadows. Now in DX9, I get some 'jagged' edged shadows in my aircraft. Then, If I move to DX10, will the shadows in my aircraft softer? (Just like P3D and XP11 ones..) 4. If I purchase the DX10 Fixer, I think I will buy the Cloud Shadows in Combo.(There was discount when I purchase in Combo!) By the way, Does the shadow made by clouds affects to Aircraft?(e.g Going Darker when the plane going below the clouds) 4. I'm already well-noticed that this Fixer is well-made. But, is there any 'Disadvantages'? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm really wonder how it changes my FSX after I install it! If you already experienced the DX10 Fixer, I'd like to know your experience. Thank you very much in advance and I'll wait for your replies! :) Thank you all!
  9. Hi sloppysmusic! Thank you for your answer! After I read your reply, I more convinced that the DX10 fixer is MUST-HAVE item! :) I'll will consider the DX10 Fixer then. Thank you for your answer! -Lee
  10. Hi Jude! Really appreciate with your reply! I didn't know that it's important THAT MUCH!! I'll consider the DX10 fixer for my solution then. However, Before I apply the DX10, I just wonder that If I can get the shadow through just editing the general.fx file! Thanks again for your answer! -Lee
  11. Jim, Thank you for your reply! Oh, I knew that the DX10 Fixer which steve made probably fix this problem. So, I already added the fixer in my shopping list! haha However, before I bought it, I just want to know that if I can get the shadow on the fuselage through fixing the general.fx and general10.fx files. If I can't fix this problem in myself, then I will buy the DX10 Fixer. Thank you again for your answer & greetings! -Lee
  12. Hello, I'm a Simmer from the South Korea! This is my first time to write the article in Avsim Forum. 🙂 Usually, I enjoying FSX with DX9 mode, because when I run my sim with DX10 Preview mode, I just got A LOT of problems with my FSX.(I think it's because of the absence of DX10 Fixer..) Even though I cannot activate my DX10 Preview mode, I really want to get the 'Vivid Shadows on the Fuselage' which was enabled in DX10 Preview mode. So, To see the shadows on the Fuselage, I tweaked my 'General.fx' and 'General10.fx' in my ShadersHLSL folder which is in the FSX root folder. The Link below was very helpful so I refer to it a lot.(Link is about the intensity of shadows but actucally, when I apply it, I CAN SEE the shadows on the fuselage!) It was so happy that I eventually got the shadows on the fuselage in the FSX! However, I found a small problem with it Today. 😞 The Problem was just like the Photos below. (Links to my private blog!) http://blog.daum.net/naidetector/268 As you can see, the shadow of all of my PMDG Aircrafts is cut-off! In spite of it, the Default Aircraft's Shadow seems OK. Anybody knows the Solution for this problem? I'll wait for your help! Thank you so much for reading the Long article. 😉 and thanks in advance. Also Sorry for my bad English. ^^ -Lee
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