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  1. cool did you build real tower and terminal ? wat typ of fotos did u use to design real tower and co
  2. do u have any example tutorial to this ?
  3. hi there are no payware or freeware of my desired airport wanna ask you wats the easiest way to build airport i have only real fotos . google earth dont offer 3d view for that area
  4. Sousou

    activ camera 2004

    thanks sasha i found no big difference in fps, therfor im back to fsx to enjoy pmdg with ezdok
  5. Sousou

    activ camera 2004

    hi, because my hardware pc im back to fs2004 to fly boeing in high fps is it possible to switch to cam sets like ezdok in fsx? i have allways to mouve inside vc .f.exp from main to overhead
  6. Wat extra step u mean. I tried fs global 2018 too before. no changes Coud u post screen while flying over gmmw in morocco..
  7. so I installed africa according to instructions. i musst say my area north africa at GEML and GMMW not covered by freemeshx it wont work
  8. oh i forgott to install patches mybe thats why
  9. i copied folder of africa into add on scenery of fsx .and activated it through scenery liberary . can u look at area og GMMW airport ? nothing happen by me
  10. i tested it with europ .no resulte difference
  11. on the map i see north africa included in Europ im donwnloading europ . i will test it
  12. hello, i have downloaded freemesh x only africa torrent .installed sucefully . but i didnt remark any difference = 0 changes on my desired area so why shoud we install it ?
  13. Hi I saw some youtube landing videos of pmdg ngx I see that VC has to mouve right left with good touch down sound. Idont have these landing animations It lands like a car .no mouvment no effects Thnks