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  1. Thanks for your answer! So in general the PMDG 747 would be the best airplane for long haul? What about the Qualitywings 787?
  2. Hello, i have for a while been flying the Airbus x and the PMDG NGX, and i want to try something new. I'm looking for a regional jet, and a plane for long haul. So do you have any recommendations?
  3. Thank you for helping, but how should i do that?
  4. Hello. I am totally new in here. But i have this issue: I just bought the 737 expansion , and i do already own the base package of course. Every time i try to install it, it says that i have to update the 737-800/900 base package before installing the expansion.. So i went into the Operation center, and updated the 737-800/900... So here comes the problem. The 737 expansion installer keeps saying that i have to update the base package, and every time i go into the Operation center again, it keeps saying that i have 1 notefication, wich is the update for the base package, and i have updated it for like 10 times! I hope you guys can help me!
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