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  1. engines, apu. When i look outside i see the lights are white and when i turn it off, the lights are black.
  2. Using Ultra realism pack proluge but i tried with shaders off and nothing again. PS sorry for name, im going to repair it. 🙂
  3. I tried to on but nothing happened. On 777 working fine.
  4. Dynamic lights off but i tried on ultra and nothing. I´m playing P3D v3.4.
  5. Hello, i have problem. Outside lights not working at 737. I have PMDG 777 and it works fine. Please help.
  6. Hi, i have problem. I installed pmdg 737 and it works fine but b777 not working. Black gauges, no gear... I installed all simconnect but without change. I´m running installer as admin. P3D v3.4
  7. I forgot, my version is Prepar3D v3.4 and this happening on all pmdg products.
  8. Hi, i installed pmdg 777 and all displays are black, gear not showing and i can´t click on anything at cockpit.
  9. Hi, i´m trying to install pmdg 747 QotsII but when i choose prepar3d v3 it saying: An outdated version has been detected. This message is showing at 737, 777.
  10. Hello, i download PTA and when i started it, it saids: Shader integrity invalid for PostProcess\HDR.hlsl Shader integrity invalid for GPUTerrain.fx Shader integrity invalid for General.fx Shader integrity invalid for FuncLibrary.fxh Shader integrity invalid for Cloud.fx I tried tomatoshade and the same.
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