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  1. Hi there, now I am using the brandnew Captain Sim 757 for FSX, released some weeks.before...There is also the same problem with shadows in the cockpit, like the old Level D 767 mentioned here months before... If I look to right or left in the virtual cockpit all shadows are there and looking really fantastic. They disappear if I look straight to the panel or perhaps in an angel of 30 degrees to the panel....this is a new aircraft, so I assume that the shadows would work with this plane.....any suggestions ? Shadows in Aerosoft A319, PMDGs 777 and 737, Qualitywings 787 are working and looking fine.....it s always the 757/767 :-) not working correct ... Greetings Christian
  2. Steve thanks for the reply ! Yes, you are right. The shadows are on the ground and also left and right, but they dissappear in Front View. But by the way: Thank you for your great work, making FSX to FSX 2.0 pro ! Love the shadows in the other aircrafts, also the cloud shadows ......Great work and great support ! Perhaps it is the new panel texture by Zynertec( Payware frim Simmarket), they replace the original one from LevelD. The new textures are great, so I reactivated the old plane and love it again ! An old one but with the new HD textures a great new one.....what a pity shadows are not working on it.... Greetings Christian
  3. Hello folks, I am using the LevelD 767-300ER together with the Zinertecks HD textures for this addon and of course with Steves DX10 fixer. I have no trouble with all the other addons like PMDG 737 and 777, Aerosoft A319, etc but in the LevelD the cockpit shadows are only working by side view. If I look front to the Main Panel, all shadows are dissapearing. Looking to left or right in the cockpit, the shadows are there, looking great. But no shadows in front view in the cockpit.....Is there any solution with this issue ? Greetings Christian
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