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  1. I purchased the G1000 basic FS2004 for home use on 6-2-2023. I received the executable install file, but no invoice number or activation information. The next Monday, I called the listed support number, which never connected. I initiated an email support request requesting the activation information (request 7205). I have received no response as of 6-8-2023 and the phone number still doesn't connect on multiple tries. My credit card was charged for the software, so I have disputed the transaction. It is a shame that this has came to this, I have two other paid installs of this useful software on other computers and was looking forward to running a third. I never received a response to the support ticket (6440) on "Direct to functions" that I initiated in Jan 2022, so I guess I'm not surprised. I got prompt support on issues back in 2018, but that's eons ago in software time. Bill Rowlett
  2. I’m running the G1000 PANEL – basic on a Windows XP SP 3 machine with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. (I know its an old system but the G1000 gauge works glitch and frame freeze free). Today I tried to fly approaches at KMTN Martin State Airport. The “Direct To” function to KMTN works, however if I try to fly any of the approaches, the G1000 will not load or activate the approach. It deactivates the “Direct To” function currently flying and freezes the simulator requiring a reboot if I try to clear the procedure. All my other airports and approaches activate fine. Any ideas (wondering if there is a glitch in the RealNavData). Thanks Bill
  3. That worked, thanks! I downloaded a new 9.1 "no disk" file from Simavation.
  4. I am running FS2004 (Version 9.1 Build 40901.01) in XP SP3 compatibility mode on a Windows 10 Ver. 1803 using the "no disk required" fs9.exe file. I updated FS2004 to version 9.1 using the official Microsoft files. FS2004 will not run under Windows 10 without the "no disk" file. I have installed (3 times) the rxpGTN750 gauge with no errors reported. When I install the gauge into an aircraft using either the add on manager, or by manually editing the panel.cfg file, the gauge will not come up or display. The c:\documents\user1 log file reports #rxpGTN.Gau ver. Error: unsupported simulator version What options do I have to make this work? Thanks, Bill
  5. Thanks, no problem. I tried loading the Garmin trainer before I purchased your software. I tried editing the installation .ini files, but the .msi file has Vista requirements compiled and I couldn't get it to install. I'll contact Garmin support, but I don't expect much help. That's a shame, because two of my friends have planes with Garmin 650 and 750 aviation GPS and we would like to have a FS gauge to practice with. I keep the XP machine because many of my FS9.1 planes and gauges are legacy, including your T-series and GN 530 gauges.
  6. That version of the Garmin trainer required Windows Vista, so we are getting closer. Do you have any more earlier previous versions that I can try? Alternately, if you have a link to a page with previous versions of the Garmin trainer, then I could try them without bothering you through this forum... Thanks, Bill
  7. I am running a FS9.1 system using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. Before purchasing the Reality XP GNS 750 gauge, I did a test install with the Garmin Trainer (I noted that only Windows 7 and up is supported). This prompted me to install the latest version of Microsoft Net Framework, which would not install on my XP system. I installed MS Net Framework version 4, which is the last version supporting MS XP, however the Garmin trainer still would still not install. It appeared to be looking for a later version of Net Framework per the error log. This begs my question: The GTN 750 works with MSFS 9.1 per Reality XP. Is there a way to install the GTN 750 gauge and the required Garmin trainer on FS9.1, which is running on a Microsoft Windows XP SP3 operating system?
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