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  1. Loadhaul

    Error when Inserting LAT/LONG waypoints.

    Well I'm coming to clues that it wasn't the T777's fault as by looking at old flights done on the same route as you described the format isn't like that, instead those waypoints used a (NXXWXXX) format.
  2. Hi. Regularly I fly pacific routes in the 777, this is certainly not the first time on this route either. I did a reinstall of the 777 last week by uninstalling just the prompts from my PC, then installing it again later. (Not sure if this is the correct way to do it). I then updated my Navdata to 1809 and all that stuff... Keep in mind all parts in the flight plane are entered manually by myself. KLAX > 24L > SUMMR1 > FICKY as the departure, then I enter an airway. I understand that lat/long way points must utilize the legs page and not RTE. However when I enter my first one in, N2655W13021 I receive an 'invalid entry' error. This is for the entire set of waypoints on this flight, so essentially I had to cancel it. Is there anything i'm doing incorrectly here that is obvious? I also wanted to know if it is suggested to delete files related to the PMDG 777 in the sim and what not as well as uninstalling it for a cleaner install which could've caused a mess up here, and yes the product has been updated. I intend on trying to install it again and see if it resolves itself there; however I doubt it will. If anyone could try there 777 with the route, by manually entering these waypoints please let me know what the result was. Flight Plane (Simbrief depicts the waypoints differently to PMDG, i.e, 2655N13021W is N2655W13021 with the PMDG 777.): KLAX/YBBN SUMMR1 FICKY B581 WEDES DCT 2655N13021W 2432N13350W 1838N13946W 1603N14252W 1114N14913W 0911N15238W 0518N15937W 0329N16312W 0012S17019W 0412S17711W 0500S17826W 0620S17930E 0816S17600E 1148S16846E 1416S16539E 1713S16250E 2107S15934E DCT HARVS Q21 SAVER DCT AMITY DCT Regards, Mitchell G.
  3. That's strange, my navigraph is up to date and It publishes 113.60.
  4. Hi, sorry. Perhaps it doesn't use a DME, however I expect that as it's a VOR arrival, anyway. I'm not sure what you mean by the plane still in go around. I bounced back up off the runway and pushed TO/GA, I flew LNAV, then held at 4000FT. After that I went and popped in the same arrival and arm the hold exit. I then reset the MCP altitude and engage VNAV, it doesn't give me an altitude deviation, so I'm assuming it's not engaged properly. I appreciate your help, are you able to link me where I can get information on the mode the aircraft was in, as you said it may be in go around mode. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I just did a flight in the 737-700 from NFFN to AGGH, the descent went fine with VNAV on and followed the profile perfectly as assumed. I flew the over head VOR arrival into AGGH 06, it went fine with vnav following everything. However I needed 6.0 DME to reference a turn, I tuned both nav selectors to 113.60 which was the frequency I needed. I switched to see the VOR 1 + 2 on the the displays, they didn't show a distance. I encountered extremely bad turbulence on the approach and performed a missed approach, I entered the published hold at 4000FT. I armed hold exit and flew the approach again, the fms had calculated all the altitudes and speeds for me, so I engage vnav to follow them, however when I reach a waypoint vnav stays at 4000FT, yes I selected 2300FT for it to descend. I went around again and soon after flew more of a visual approach. Thanks, Mitch.
  6. Hello. Recently I've been having a menu bar come up at the top of my screen. It depicts as a bluish color and runs across the whole entire top screen, it's not the P3D menu bar. Does anyone know how I can stop it from popping up, it's quite annoying, I can't interact with it either.
  7. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    The issue seems to of not been present when I did a test flight from YSSY to YMML, going into darkness. Does the PMDG 777 track the local time of the nearest airport?
  8. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    What's really strange is when I test it by loading in somewhere and speeding up the time it works perfectly. The lights turn on at night and switch off in the daylight like they should. However when I do a real flight they don't turn on or off.
  9. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    Unable to upload images. It's essentially all the lights do not turn on like they should, when you turn the master bright switch up it stays very dim (the middle button is pressed in). If you switch the dome light on and then off, they all switch on like they should. However when it becomes daylight again the lights stay on and don't dim properly which looks awful.
  10. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    These are my settings, I didn't change any thing here so no luck. I have cast and receive on for interior and external vehicle. The quality is medium and draw distance is ultra.
  11. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    I'm using stock P3D with no shaders or tweaks apart from its own settings, I'll have a look.
  12. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    Will do, thanks. The full name thing you see I found that out. I couldn't edit my post, sorry.
  13. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    I'm indeed using P3D V4.2
  14. Loadhaul

    Cockpit lights not turning on and very dim P3D V4.2

    Hi, no I'm not using any programs, would you like an image of what is occurring?
  15. Hi everyone, I’ve been having this issue since I purchased this for P3D. It did indeed work fine in FSX. The issue occurs when I load the plane in the daytime and fly into darkness, thus causing the automatic master bright lights to not work and the cockpit will be completely dark. I have verified that the master bright light has been turned up and the knob is pressed in. What I see is when I try and turn any light up it remains extremely dim, probably what you would see if you turned it on with 2 or so notches. As I speak now there’s two ways I can fix this. Firstly you could spawn at night and they work perfectly. The other thing is by turning on the dome light they all magically turn on like they should. Try’d reinstalling the aircraft, however that didn’t work. Regards, M.G.