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  1. I am fly ing the Carenado Pilatus Pc-12.. GTN750 was functioning reasonably well until I installed the uipdate. After that, mouse scroll went dead, and dials could be used by pointing the arrow and pressing and dragging up or down. But, I can't zoom in or out within the cockpit or outside the cockpit.
  2. UPdate. I've played with it a bit, Can't get scrollwheel to work, But on the dials your hold down left mouse button and drag up and down to activate a dial.
  3. yes, I am having the same problem and am sure it is the new update to the GTN750. As soon as I disable the GTN7 50 the mouse scroll will zoom in and out again and the mouse can be used to turn dials. I have been flying the Pilatus PC-12 for more than a month on FSEconomy and only using the GTN750 for navigation. I could use the mouse scroll to scroll in and out the view inside and outside the cockpit. I could use the mouse to adjust dials. All was well. Then a couple of days ago I noticed that an update was available for the GTN750 and installed it. Immediately I lost the use of the mouse scroll wheel, and as you experienced, pointing the mouse at a dial remains an arrow instead or changing to a hand or parenthesis to be able to adjust a knob/dial. It is definitely the update causing the loss of mouse control As soon as I disable the GTN750 the mouse functions again.
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