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  1. https://imgur.com/a/Loj9RvM Tried the 777 too and it has no issues P3D V4.5 + Tomato + ORBX I5-9400F/RTX2060/16DDR4 No issues during daytime, only during the night
  2. My small brain isn't capable of processing all that but I think you said that the VNAV speeds are not fixed and will vary in flight unless overridden? The last waypoints don't vary at all, they stay at 170kts until in on the G/S and the aircraft gives me control over the IAS knob As for everything else you said I think I should learn how to do smoother approaches and descents, overall it goes fine but occasionally I need to apply some drag, things only get messy during the final approach.
  3. Yeah, maybe some skilled guys can decelerate the aircraft that fast but I'd just make a mess. I did fly again on a route that went fine yesterday and I again was too fast. 1900 feet AGL at 170kts flaps 15, still had to reduce to 138 and flaps 30. Got the no AUTOLAND message but after I was stable I reset the a/p and it engaged autoland.
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. I'm used to the 737 and QW787 where they insert vnav speeds really precisely so I don't have to worry about editing them so I'm glad to know that it's normal to change those speeds, I thought I was setting the FMC wrong. Also I read that it's fine to be at 210 when intercepting the g/s? How do you have time to decel?
  5. Hello everyone! While I was on approach with the PMDG777 I noticed that on the last waypoints before the runway the speed was too high, at about 210kts 10-20nm away from the airport. So I changed them to 180kts to give me time to decelerate and deploy flaps. On one of the final waypoints it was automatically reduced to 170 but that was already too close to the runway. VNAV only gives me manual control of IAS knob when I'm on app mode and on this particular runway I intercepted the glideslope 10nm away from the runway at 170kts with flaps 15. It immediately gave me a NO AUTOLAND message on the eicas as I tried to reduce the speed to 139kts and deploy flaps 30. I switched off the autopilot and suddenly i lost altitude and had to pitch up 20° to maintain altitude, got several "glideslope" warnings but eventually landed. I did something wrong here and from the manuals I imagine it's because I was too fast despite following the FMC. So I'm repeating this flight right now and I intend to edit the waypoint speeds to about 160 on the final waypoints, but I don't know if this is normal, needed or correct at all. If anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong that'd be greatly appreciated. Landing on KDEN RWY 34L
  6. I'll look into those books, i've been wanting to read something aviation related! Sometimes i forget there are other manufacturers besides PMDG, Aerosoft and FSLabs, there are still some aircrafts i need to try. Currently i'm wishing to fly an A340, i tried the one from BlackBox but it's kind of buggy as always, at least Aerosoft should release their A330 sometime this month. Maybe X-Plane might prove useful with this, did they add dynamic cockpit lights already? It was a gamebreaker for me who mostly flies at night. I love learning new things but sometimes it's also about doing something you already do in a harder way. For some reason i usually let the autopilot line up during landing and only take control when i'm just a few nm away but recently i decided to do the approach myself, it was hard but word not allowed it's so rewarding.
  7. Hello everyone! I've been fascinated by aviation since very young, my mother would be (and still is) constantly travelling so since i was very very little i'd be hanging out at airports. Sometime 8 years ago i started "flying" a freeware sim called FlightGear, i didn't know how to fly anything actually, i'd just literally fly and talk to people. 2 years ago when i was 16 i decided that maybe i should try to learn to fly. So i went back to FlightGear and tried to learn, but it's a very limited sim so i went to FSX, that's where i first flew A320s and 737s (Aerosoft and iFly) but i didn't know how to fly, i simply used the default panel and used the ATC to vector myself hehe. Some time later i started watching CaptainJoe and researched deeper into the theories, that's when i started flying the A320 more seriously with FSCaptain, but still relying on ATC vectors and all. That was around the time i really wanted to become a pilot someday, it was my dream, that is, until i found out i'm at a certain risk of glaucoma and becoming a pilot would be an extremely risky move, even though i don't have glaucoma and i might never have, the chances are there. I guess that just that chance of never getting it would be enough for me but in my country other physical reasons would rule me out early. So i guess my dream would die there, were it not for flight sims. In January 2018 i got a gaming PC and moved to Prepar3D, where i could fly the PMDG 737 and FSLA320, and obviously since they were more complex verions than Aerosoft's and iFly's i'd have to take things more seriously. I dived deep into the manuals and tutorials but only learned about PAPIs, VASIs, Approaches, Autolands, ILS and specially the FMC/FCDU in May-June 2018 and it was life-changing. I evolved really quickly, making the 737 my main aircraft but trying to learn the A320 as well, i flew mainly for Air Berlin and American because i really like them. By the end of 2018 i guess i'd consider myself decent, being able to fly the 737 and A320 without manuals and just needing to use checklists. This year however i decided to really take things seriously, i tried learning the normal ops, using ground services, trying to understand the FMC as deeply as i could, reading charts, using ATC and expanding the number of aircrafts i fly. Sometimes i take a break from flight sim to focus on other projects and it always makes me a bit rusty. When i'm learning a new aircraft i get used to its controls and i worry that can make me fly other aircraft less well. i.e the 77W controls are very hard and stiff whereas in the 788's are very fluid and smooth. What do you guys think? Did you get used to different controls quickly or do you always get a little bit rusty when you fly mainly an aircraft and then switch to another? There's still a long way to go for me and some tips would be very much appreciated, specially regarding what i should study. What about you guys? How did you get into this world?
  8. That's probably it. I'm quite familiar with the 737, A320, 747 and 787 but it's my first 777 flight. Later I flew the 787 and noticed it was also not level. So I guess it was just me nitpicking due to it being a new experience and all
  9. Oh thankfully. I'm experiencing so many issues with P3D (A.K.A Experiencing a normal P3D flight) That anything fishy worries me. What about the V/NAV thing? it happened again on descent, i sped up the time during the descent and suddenly it didnd't want to descend anymore until i re-set VNAV by switching to V/S and back to VNAV
  10. I'm doing my first flight with the 777-300ER and i've had some problems. First the aircraft didn't want to climb via VNAV automatically, i set the altitude in the MCP and it didn't climb, i had to use V/S and then re-enable VNAV for it to work. Now i'm at FL380 cruising and the aircraft is not level So the V/S is at 0, it's stable but the nose is pitching upwards, that's not normal, right? I've emptied the payload and nothing changed
  11. Yeah I've done that too. Also tried to re enable it multiple times
  12. Hey everyone! When I fly the QW787 and PMDG777 during the dusk the landing lights won't illuminate the ground (Same for taxi and turnoff). The only way to get it to work is to load the sim at night and then change it to the current time. Another separate issue is that from within the cockpit I don't see the aircraft shadow, just a floating shadow box outside. Prepar3D 4.5 + Tomato RD + ORBX Global I5-9400F RTX2060 16DDR4
  13. It freezes for a second whenever i start an engine (both when i select GRD and then when i set the fuel levers to idle) By the way my specs are: I5-7400 @3.0GHz (Quad) 16GB RAM GTX 1060 6GB OC
  14. I can't access it anymore and i got some keys in there, what can i do now?
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