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  1. It was one cold winter night in Newark, where N14011 (one of United Airlines' 13 operational Boeing 787-10s) was prepping up for its next transatlantic flight with quite a lot of passengers waiting to board and be whisked away to someplace warm and vibrant to celebrate their Christmas & New Year holidays, offering some temporary respite out of the stressful life work & errands inflicted in one of the world's most iconic cities. Everything seemed usual, just like its fellow jetliners being catered at EWR's Terminal C - Exclusively occupied by this chunk of the 'US3'. Where might this Dreamliner be headed to, you ask ? Well, this flight was numbered UAL55, not a valid United flight number IRL. The destination, meanwhile, would be similar to the likes of Nice, Palermo, or Dubrovnik which United has started serving recently albeit with the Boeing 767-300ER (the ones available for P3D aren't exactly good tho, so :P) - Vacation spots where the Mediterranean weather delivers pleasant ambiance year-round with temperatures that allow one to enjoy the gorgeous beaches and vibrant street scenes. Yes, this is possible despite the current situation the real world is facing due to the fact that the world in flightsims are basically parallel universes. Our destination airport for this flight deserves some attention too, being the 3rd largest Airport in its country of jurisdiction (eclipsed only by the megahub gateway Airports operating in this country), and yet ... No long-haul flights are operating out of it, even vacation charters.. You may have guessed it at this point. That's right, we're heading to Palma de Mallorca, whose Airport handled more passengers than any other Airports in Spain except Madrid Barajas & Barcelona El Prat, alongside facilities ready to accept long-haul flights. After preparations & boarding, we soon pushed back and taxied to Runway 22R, while offering the skyline of NYC & glimpse of the errands that can be temporarily forgotten. It didn't take long (surprisingly, due to how complicated EWR's taxiway layout can be ... Coupled with the super heavy traffic this airport endured that would bring even high-end crypto mining systems to its knees) before we arrived at runway 22R. A fellow 737-800 departed before us however. Soon it was our turn to go, mostly carrying those wanting some respite out of errands @ work or wishing to meet family members back at their hometown Waving goodbye to one of the world's core cities where its economic activities have wide-ranging effects worldwide. ----------------------- 6.5 hours later, having crossed 'the pond' in total darkness ------------------------------------------------------------ The sun's starting to rise as we approached our TOD, offering a glance on what the people onboard could expect of their destination. We began our descent right above Barcelona, as we entered the airspace over the Mediterranean Sea. It wasn't long before starboard-side passengers were offered some gorgeous views of the Balearic Islands, where they'll have fun until the new year comes around ... And the warmth of the sun shining hope for an enjoyable vacation. Soon enough, we turned to base for our arrival into LEPA. A smooth kiss to Runway 24R of Palma de Mallorca, having endured 7 hours since departure from the other side of the Atlantic. Delight filled our faces, as we've delivered our passengers safely to their holiday getaways 🙂 getting clear of the runway so that the next arrival (already appearing as a white speck among the clouds) could be accommodated - It turned out to be a Vueling A320. Some guidance to the gates, please - this is our 1st time visiting PMI. Got instructed to taxi to Module A of LEPA - the concourse is aimed at handling non-Schengen passengers. Any future intercontinental flights in and out of PMI, therefore, will likely use this terminal module. Arrived @ gate 12 of PMI module A, ready to drop our passengers off into an enjoyable vacation ~ We also got some British company at the terminal too 😄 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well, hope you enjoy this theoretical charter I created. I feel like EWR - PMI may have the chance to be served in the future (even as a seasonal), considering United's recent expansion to cities around the Mediterranean coast, catering to holidaymakers. Best of luck for PMI too in getting longhauls - they deserve some love in that regard 💌
  2. Thankies :3 I sure wish this livery can be brought to life someday
  3. If you do, you certainly know Miles "Tails" Prower (better known as just Tails), the iconic blue blur's all-time bestie & sidekick. It's also no secret that the twin-tailed yellow / orange & white fox is particularly fond of engineering & flying ... Something all of us here are also fond of. I mean, how else can you love ✈ ? Per the biographical info that I could get of him, he loves airplanes too and has several aircraft iterations throughout the franchise's media. Out of this and the lock-downs giving me ample free time ... This idea crossed my mind - With his fondness of airplanes & several 'excursions' to the 'real world' (cue the relatively recently released movie - one of the final blockbusters before COVID-induced cinema closures, the Olympic-themed games also featuring one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises & the Sonic X TV series), what if he gets contracted by an airline & featured as part of decor for one of the things that he loves ? And so ... The concept was born, out of a hypothetical collaboration between SEGA and Scoot Airlines of Singapore, thanks to the latter's yellow & white livery. Here's my concept for it ... The concept I took on for this livery, with account to most Sonic games being known as high-speed platformers ("gotta go fast !"), was for Tails (and the iconic blue blur in some spots) exploring parts of Sonic stages (in this case, Chemical plant & Green Hill zones) blended in with some real-world landmarks of Scoot destinations (had there been no COVID-19, anyway). Because of the fictional nature of the livery, I decided to give it a fictional registration as well (9V-OJT) that still follows Scoot 787-9 registration format ... And T for Tails' initial. For aircraft name, I decided to settle on Tails' full name - Miles "Tails" Prower. Not a problem in my opinion due to the rather random nature of Scoot's 787-9 naming pattern (from Dream Start to Maju-Lah to Holiyear) As said before, Scoot's flights to Athens & Berlin have been suspended amid the pandemic. I decided to keep the featured landmarks of both cities however - the Brandenburg Gate / Berlin TV Tower and the Parthenon of Athens. In a way, i also feel like the buildings based on the Chemical Plant zone also resemble Honolulu ... Scoot used to fly there via Osaka. For this livery's inaugural "flight", I decided to do TR8 (based on real-world Scoot schedule, Singapore ✈ Perth) - at around 4 hours, the time fits my petty chaotic schedule amid online classes @ college. Don't get me wrong, I would've loved longer flights like to Osaka (and on to Honolulu - Scoot used to fly there not so long ago), Sydney or Shenyang 😛 Here are my shots of the livery concept all the way until landing at Perth (YPPH) - apologies for the extremely dark surroundings of Perth (probably caused by improper ORBX Australia installation or something, gotta check it out). Enjoy the twin-tailed friendly flyer ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course, whether this livery will get painted on a real-life plane ... That would be the realm of corporate talks between Scoot & SEGA - I merely built this livery as a concept since I see potential in such a livery. Scoot (as with many other airlines worldwide) is certainly facing a corporate storm inflicted by the notorious sub-microscopic entity wreaking the world in havoc ... Should Scoot survive the pandemic, perhaps they can consider a special livery or two to boost passenger numbers ? I am glad though for SEGA's relatively chill stance on fan-works - copyrights were a major concern when I first constructed this livery, even though I'm sure that technically my work as a whole still falls under fair use considering the scale of edits that I did throughout my work on this livery. I currently only painted this livery for QualityWings (since I lack the time), but should you want to reuse the paint on another model after I release this into the library, feel free !
  4. Hi guys, I currently need these repaints of Japan Airlines Boeing 777 - in the following liveries, for PMDG 777: 1. JA740J (777-300ER - Samurai Blue 2014 livery) = https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8385157 2. JA8979 (777-200 - Samurai Blue 2018 livery) = https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8943521, https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8972738 3. JA8979 (777-200 - Rio Olympics 2016 livery) = https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8398768 Thank you in advance, hope you have a nice day :)
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