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  1. Thankies :3 I sure wish this livery can be brought to life someday
  2. If you do, you certainly know Miles "Tails" Prower (better known as just Tails), the iconic blue blur's all-time bestie & sidekick. It's also no secret that the twin-tailed yellow / orange & white fox is particularly fond of engineering & flying ... Something all of us here are also fond of. I mean, how else can you love ✈ ? Per the biographical info that I could get of him, he loves airplanes too and has several aircraft iterations throughout the franchise's media. Out of this and the lock-downs giving me ample free time ... This idea crossed my mind - With his fondness of airplanes & several 'excursions' to the 'real world' (cue the relatively recently released movie - one of the final blockbusters before COVID-induced cinema closures, the Olympic-themed games also featuring one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises & the Sonic X TV series), what if he gets contracted by an airline & featured as part of decor for one of the things that he loves ? And so ... The concept was born, out of a hypothetical collaboration between SEGA and Scoot Airlines of Singapore, thanks to the latter's yellow & white livery. Here's my concept for it ... The concept I took on for this livery, with account to most Sonic games being known as high-speed platformers ("gotta go fast !"), was for Tails (and the iconic blue blur in some spots) exploring parts of Sonic stages (in this case, Chemical plant & Green Hill zones) blended in with some real-world landmarks of Scoot destinations (had there been no COVID-19, anyway). Because of the fictional nature of the livery, I decided to give it a fictional registration as well (9V-OJT) that still follows Scoot 787-9 registration format ... And T for Tails' initial. For aircraft name, I decided to settle on Tails' full name - Miles "Tails" Prower. Not a problem in my opinion due to the rather random nature of Scoot's 787-9 naming pattern (from Dream Start to Maju-Lah to Holiyear) As said before, Scoot's flights to Athens & Berlin have been suspended amid the pandemic. I decided to keep the featured landmarks of both cities however - the Brandenburg Gate / Berlin TV Tower and the Parthenon of Athens. In a way, i also feel like the buildings based on the Chemical Plant zone also resemble Honolulu ... Scoot used to fly there via Osaka. For this livery's inaugural "flight", I decided to do TR8 (based on real-world Scoot schedule, Singapore ✈ Perth) - at around 4 hours, the time fits my petty chaotic schedule amid online classes @ college. Don't get me wrong, I would've loved longer flights like to Osaka (and on to Honolulu - Scoot used to fly there not so long ago), Sydney or Shenyang 😛 Here are my shots of the livery concept all the way until landing at Perth (YPPH) - apologies for the extremely dark surroundings of Perth (probably caused by improper ORBX Australia installation or something, gotta check it out). Enjoy the twin-tailed friendly flyer ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course, whether this livery will get painted on a real-life plane ... That would be the realm of corporate talks between Scoot & SEGA - I merely built this livery as a concept since I see potential in such a livery. Scoot (as with many other airlines worldwide) is certainly facing a corporate storm inflicted by the notorious sub-microscopic entity wreaking the world in havoc ... Should Scoot survive the pandemic, perhaps they can consider a special livery or two to boost passenger numbers ? I am glad though for SEGA's relatively chill stance on fan-works - copyrights were a major concern when I first constructed this livery, even though I'm sure that technically my work as a whole still falls under fair use considering the scale of edits that I did throughout my work on this livery. I currently only painted this livery for QualityWings (since I lack the time), but should you want to reuse the paint on another model after I release this into the library, feel free !
  3. Hi guys, I currently need these repaints of Japan Airlines Boeing 777 - in the following liveries, for PMDG 777: 1. JA740J (777-300ER - Samurai Blue 2014 livery) = https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8385157 2. JA8979 (777-200 - Samurai Blue 2018 livery) = https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8943521, https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8972738 3. JA8979 (777-200 - Rio Olympics 2016 livery) = https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8398768 Thank you in advance, hope you have a nice day :)
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