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  1. Hi All, I hope I'm posting in the correct forum, if not forgive my newness. I have FS2004 and am using Traffic2005. So I try and create a database and compile to my default traffic folder and I get an error message and the compile stops... "Line 1421 (error location shown in red): <actual fault line displayed> The aircraft name is limited to 100 characters". In the past I've gone to my Traffic2005 folder in Flight Simulator 9 and opened the aircraft.txt folder and edited the offending 'Line 1421' or even deleted it. Now when I try and do this I can find the aircraft.txt file just fine, but it doesn't list the aircraft I've manually added after originally installing the program, so nothing to edit. I've looked everywhere, even decompiled the 'Traffic.bgl' file from my scenery/world/scenery folder to see if I could see my added aircraft, and they aren't there. I've gone so far as to uninstall the program, delete the Traffic2005 folder than remains after the uninstallation. and reinstall the program from scratch. My addon aircraft still show up in the program screen window and I get all the associated errors when trying to create a database and compile, but I still can't find the 'aircraft.txt' file that contains the addon aircraft. This is maddening. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any insight you can provide. John