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  1. broncoblair

    747-100 / 200 Classic coming from Just Flight

    Do you guys ever get the developers to post photos on the forum here? Sometimes Xplane developers will, a lot of them seem to develop the aircraft with some input from users before the final product is finished. Im new to the P3D world so not sure if that happens on these forums or not.
  2. broncoblair

    Favorite Addons ?

    Been looking at this, its not something I can run on top of the ORBX stuff it looks like ? What is WMA? I googled that but couldn't find out what this is ?
  3. broncoblair

    Favorite Addons ?

    Thanks man, i think that along with sorting the brightness issue I'm encountering will be a nice change.
  4. broncoblair

    Favorite Addons ?

    So i didnt mention, I do have the Majestic Dash 8 (might be my favorite aircraft) and just bought FS2Crew. I had to click through the checklists because it doesnt understand me very well, I dont have THAT heavy of a southern accent but I guess I just need to spend some time with it. It was pretty fun being able to fly an approach instead of moving the camera all around to flip lights on and off !
  5. broncoblair

    Favorite Addons ?

    Seems mine just turn the yoke, do I need to go into key commands and disable the arrows for yoke first ?
  6. broncoblair

    Brightness of Sim ?

    Thanks guys ! Just what I wanted to know. I dont think I'll adjust anything on my card because I use X Plane as well so I dont want to be stuck there, Ill look at some of those plugins.
  7. broncoblair

    Favorite Addons ?

    Ok so far I have: REX Skyforce 3d, REX 4 Texture Direct + Soft Clouds (I cannot really tell a difference in Cloud textures or which plugin is affecting what) Worldwide Airports (although it doesn't currently support v4 so I am unsure of its affects so far) Active Sky (love this) FTX Global Base Pack FTX Global Vector FTX Global North America Ezdoc - Cannot figure out how to go from side to side like in XPlane, as in sliding across the cockpit, I have just presets saved to number pad numbers for now. PMDG 777 and 737 Majestic Dash 8 CRJ Aerosoft (seems to get some bashing here but I think it's pretty darn good except for the waypoint turns which usually turn a few miles before the waypoint, quite hard on an approach like RNAV) I also have some Flight Beam airports and some FS Dream Team. I want to know what I am missing now. The graphics seem to still not be as good as nearly all of the screen shots I see of folks using P3D online. Im really enjoying P3D. I love Xplane. There's a lot of things in Xplane I prefer but I will say so far the realism of the weather (looks and simulation wise) have Xplane pretty well beaten, and I gotta say it is way more fun to fly through weather in P3D so far.
  8. broncoblair

    Brightness of Sim ?

    hi guys Coming from XPlane, I find the horizon and cockpit even seem quite bright. Even the instruments on the 777 PMDG seem a much lighter blue and orange (almost yellow) on the HSI. Is there a way to adjust this at all ?