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  1. Its awful. All of the piston engines have the same exact dynamics to me and even with the turbo props as well... The TBM is so far off its insane, my dad had a TBM and its just laughable. Wish i could tweak them myself. I am dying for a 3rd party to install to get off of these stupid plajhes.
  2. Can we compile an official add on list for stuff that is being released or has been released for MFS2020 ? I am not really enjoying the stock planes whatsoever. All of the controls etc are the same, very undetailed and the flight models are just really phoned in. One plane flies like the next, with little difference. Would love to enjoy this game with something else to fly ! It looks great though!
  3. Sorry if this is the wrong spot on the forum ! Anyone had much luck migrating ? I have 1TB and with 3 sims with lots of add ons i am down to my last 50 gigs. Looking into getting a 2 TB solid state drive for the system. Any recommendations? And how to best do it ? Thanks !
  4. Im finding its mostly weather really dragging me down i have REX Environmental Force as well as Active Sky
  5. Sorry! P3D 4.5 latest. version. And the VR isnt even the issue, this is without VR. VR is worse but thats why i think it is something else. HP Reverb using Steam VR. Here are my P3D settings and Nvidea control panel settings. Note when i use VR i turn off Vsync and make frame rate unlimited, if i do that without VR the screen flashes.
  6. Hey guys Im sure this is a classic question here but i am finding a lot of my flying time in P3D is not very fun because of slow FPS. I have lots of addons yes. I have looked at the best settings to run things in the past but it doesnt seem to do much. I have VR as well and forget that, if im getting 13-19 FPS on the ground with an addon aircraft (like FSLabs) and an addon airport like (FlyTampa). PC: i7 7700kj overclocked to 4700 32g of ram GTX1080 Ti with 12g of VRAM also overclocked from 1500mhz to 1700 This thing should be smoking. I dont understand. Seems to mostly be weighed down by weather and add on airports, ive tried to get the best weather settings for performance but no dice here. DCS world i play VR and get 30-50 FPS.
  7. So I've had this plugin for a while but I cant ever tell if it is working correctly. Seems every airport i depart or arrive to over half the gates are empty. Maybe 20 planes in an airport like DFW. I compile like i am supposed to and use the maximum setting. Do I have to do this every time before i open P3D? Anyone having similar issues ? Thanks
  8. Seems like half of the addon airports I have even the GSX FSDT add on airports are missing gates. Even when I add gates in the editor I get this “no SODE Jetway found” even when I can see a jetway there, so I’ve been basically loading and unloading everything with stairs which is slightly annoying. Also noticing when entering an arrival airport, picking a gate for a heavy aircraft etc, I pull up and there’s no marshaller, seems to go hand in hand with the jetway issue. Any way to reset the jetways everywhere to a default ?
  9. Tempted by Just Flights new traffic add on but I want to make sure it works with ATC so it’s not a frenzy. There’s some downsides to Pro-ATC like the voices don’t always match up location wise, and no VFR really. Would be nice if it did that much. I’m all ears to other ATC and traffic add ons a that work together. Any tips ?
  10. It was crashing my whole system. I had to reinstall almost everything. Just repaired it from the P3D setup file for the 3rd time. I have the new 2.0 Beta EF and so far I cant tell if it works or not? I thought there was supposed to be a smooth weather transition. I still have clods poping up out of nowhere
  11. FSDT. Ive always found DD's scenery leaves a lot to be desired texture and feature wise. His cities are pretty good but the airports themselves are not the best.
  12. No I don’t have any add on shaders except for whatever Environment Force added or took away. I was having horrible issues with FPS so I did the “delete generates files” command in the P3D folder and removed the add on files from documents. I deleted the stuff in the trash can by accident so whatever “delete generates files” took out, are gone. But the actual shader files from P3D itself seem to be gone in this path: C:/programdata/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3d V4 no shader folder or add on in there which there there should be. Should I install 4.5 again ?
  13. Just want to thank everyone here for their help ! Ive been able to get back to flying at 30 FPS and up. The hardware adjustment helped me gain a couple FPS but what really helped was the settings you guys mentioned here and disabling some add ons to see what was really causing issues. Im currently overclocked to 4.9 with a new cooler better suited for overclocking, temps peak at around 70-75 if they peak at all which usually while flying im sitting 40-55 or so C. Overclocked my GPU as well which helped some. Things are smooth ! Now if i can just get EZCAM to stop messing with my TrackIR !
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