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  1. I would like to have that capability too. I run a triple monitor set up and want to add a fourth monitor that is a touchscreen and run reality XP on that one. I would also like to be able to overlay it onto an Air Manager panel in a perfect world. Air Manager would be running on a separate PC. Any chance that that will happen in the near future? Thanks
  2. I am having issues with inserting a Reality XP GNS430 and a GTN 750 into an Air Manager panel. I am using a 4th monitor for the panel and since I'm just dragging the gps's as pop up windows onto the Air Manager screen, whenever I click on anything else on the panel, as separate windows they disappear. Is there a way to have them be "always on top" or as I suspect, do I need to put some datarefs into the panel code? If that's the case, does anyone have that script?