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  1. Hi Alex, Is it possible ? I couldn't find a way. This is mainly VFR thing in which although the flight altitude can be set for the entire flight, sometimes each leg needs to follow a specific max/min altitude (due to scenery, or height restrictions), this can really be great if in the edit waypoint dialog, I could enter desired height, which will show up in the legs grid and printable flight plan. Thanks, Doron.
  2. Hi Alex, I came across https://www.navplan.ch/ which allows you to plan VFR flight. It has a very cool feature that really helps one plan a VFR and verify you do not cross un-wanted CTRs, TMA and other airspaces. In the Fl https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b0yZoE49ZP6IsTyISq5-0kcPjteYIKsy/view?usp=sharing ight plan elevation profile, it also show which TMAs / CTRs the leg crosses and their minimal height. This way, you can see immediately if you need to change the legs height to avoid them. Thanks, Doron.
  3. Hi Alex, Seems like you search by the first word of a full name. Will be great if you could do that cross words. Example : Charleroi airport in Belgium. If you look that up, you won't find it. You need to do "Brussels South Charleroi" to get to it. Just a nice feature in my opinion, as a full name is rarely used. Thanks, Doron.
  4. Hi Alex, I have reported on such crash in the past, but you said you could never re-produce it. Luckily enough, I could and even you tubed it :-) It has to do with changing the altitude of the flight plan and press 'TAB'. aside of that, I don't really have a clue, the clip shows it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enEsLg6d38o Thanks, Doron.
  5. Already provided a link to the bad one in the previous post. Here is a good one : https://mega.nz/#!ZCQjTQQK!sX3WYGvKlkPIOXdqjQcCw56A1lOWVICgewKKCRQGGz8 And the full error message is: "Could not find airway 'UM601' which contains entry point '' and exit point 'POSSY' unknown element 'UM601'. Please make sure that airways used in this routing are specified in the AIRAC cycle which is currently installed on this computer, and/or the routing does not contain waypoints from any procedure (SID,STAR,Approach).
  6. Hi, First issue it that if I leave the LNM with the flight planning tab in front, when I minimize it (the LNM) and restore it - the Flight plan elevation profile takes charge. It sometimes causes the NVM icon on the task bar to flash, which is a but annoying. Second issue it that sometimes (too often) the AivlaSoft EFB v2 does no like the plan that NVM is exporting as EFBR. The error I get is that it can't find is "Could not find airway 'UM601' which contains entry point '' and exit point 'POSSY' unknown element 'UM601'. I can assure you AIRAC is upddated on both LNM and EFB to the same date. The error message also states that you need to make sure to to include waypoints from the SID STAR and Approach. link tot he file : https://mega.nz/#!ITojCboR!VLPxtHwhqCB-XYmEwkwUsSLb2ubzcIn9ovBWn21WxCM Doron.
  7. Hi airnie, is this a question for me or for Alex ? 🙂 Even if the CTR responsible for the FIRs, that's fine to show as long as there is a CTR online (even if circles are overlapping)... but if it's not, then FIRs should not be shown ... Doron.
  8. Hi Alex, But if I'll switch them off, I won't be able to see the IVAO CTRs that are online ... seems like a coupling between the CTRs and FIR/UIRs ... Doron.
  9. Here you go. I can't seem to record the mouse, but try to follow the clicks.
  10. Hi Alex, The "Show or hide all airspaces" button is enabled (because I want to see airspaces). But the FIRs button is disabled (because I don't want to see FIRs, only towers, center, ground, radar ...etc ...). well, it's not disabled, you can't disable it, I just made sure it's "None". Yet, tooltip appears with the FIRs when hovering on the map. I use Navigraph and I don't have any highlighted airspace. Doron.
  11. Hi Alex, As the title suggests, even if it's FIRs - None, when I hover with the mouse, they appear o the map. Doron.
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