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  1. Hi Alex, I'm trying to insert new user points and get unique constraint exception. looks like for some reason it fails on the "abeam kea" ident. But that does not exist as user point, there is one similar in Australia while I'm trying to insert one in Greece. Here, try to import first the https://mega.nz/file/VXZlWI6Q#RaLxx9Iz9VhEF-nA3AVwQhVIm2mcSTM2aapnjDX_bhg Then this one https://mega.nz/file/QDIzyITQ#A_vdusZ9Fco59D38Xuzxa6-SY8O0vStapcAHDDydQ-k If you found a bug 🙂 and you're already in the fixing part, maybe you can also provide the functionality of ignoring import of user waypoints that exists on the same coordinates with the same type (VRP for example). This way I can just import more and more files from different sources (that has more coverage) but no duplicates will be created. Thanks, Doron.
  2. Hi Alex, Wind at 10 degrees on a rwy 18/36, should pick 36. seems like for 18 it calculated 5 kts headwind, which is really tailwind. Doron. https://mega.nz/file/oGo3ACAY#GCNIEWsqFbjpoM3oxS1_rcU1dpyV1PEWEmWzR1iwmw0
  3. Hi Alex, Any chance you'll find time to fix 2 small things on the IVAO plan ? 1 - Departure time - now + 30 minutes 2 - DOF/<today date - YYMMDD> in the 18 Other Information section. 3 - less critical but will really really help. Altn Aerodrome can't be empty or equal to the 13 - Departure Aerodrome (issue warning if it does). All are IVAO rules. This way it won't get rejected on these things automatically which is what happens now. Thank you. Doron.
  4. Weird. suddenly I could import it. ok, maybe there was something special in a plan that wasn't digested right. I will keep on trying, if I got something I'll attach it. Thanks.
  5. Hi Alex, I'm trying to import all the possible formats from LittleNav Map to navigraph, with no success. Here is a sample pln that I exported from Navigraph, pln format, that they call "Microsoft flight simluator 2020" format. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <FlightPlan.FlightPlan> <Title>EFMA/MHQ to ESSU/EKT (N806SB)</Title> <FPType>IFR</FPType> <RouteType>HighAlt</RouteType> <CruisingAlt>20000</CruisingAlt> <DepartureID>EFMA</DepartureID> <DepartureLLA>N60° 7' 18.84",E19° 53' 47.04",+000018.00</DepartureLLA> <DestinationID>ESSU</DestinationID> <DestinationLLA>N59° 21' 7.92",E16° 42' 29.88",+000140.00</DestinationLLA> <Descr>EFMA/MHQ to ESSU/EKT (N806SB) created by Navigraph</Descr> <DepartureName>MARIEHAMN</DepartureName> <DestinationName>ESKILSTUNA</DestinationName> <AppVersion> <AppVersionMajor>11</AppVersionMajor> <AppVersionBuild>282174</AppVersionBuild> </AppVersion> <ATCWaypoint id="EFMA"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N60° 7' 18.84",E19° 53' 47.04",+000018.00</WorldPosition> <RunwayNumberFP>21</RunwayNumberFP> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>EFMA</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="KOXFU"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N60° 3' 11.94",E19° 50' 19.03",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <DepartureFP>OGLO1D</DepartureFP> <RunwayNumberFP>21</RunwayNumberFP> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>KOXFU</ICAOIdent> <ICAORegion>EF</ICAORegion> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="NARIL"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 58' 37.12",E19° 46' 22.66",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <DepartureFP>OGLO1D</DepartureFP> <RunwayNumberFP>21</RunwayNumberFP> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>NARIL</ICAOIdent> <ICAORegion>EF</ICAORegion> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="OGLOB"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 55' 59.00",E19° 27' 44.00",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <DepartureFP>OGLO1D</DepartureFP> <RunwayNumberFP>21</RunwayNumberFP> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>OGLOB</ICAOIdent> <ICAORegion>EF</ICAORegion> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="TEB"> <ATCWaypointType>VOR</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 31' 54.10",E18° 12' 11.90",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>TEB</ICAOIdent> <ICAORegion>ES</ICAORegion> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="PETEV"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 12' 25.80",E17° 0' 43.50",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ATCAirway>N872</ATCAirway> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>PETEV</ICAOIdent> <ICAORegion>ES</ICAORegion> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="LX"> <ATCWaypointType>NDB</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 16' 31.70",E16° 42' 47.30",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>LX</ICAOIdent> <ICAORegion>ES</ICAORegion> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="ESSU"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>N59° 21' 7.92",E16° 42' 29.88",+000140.00</WorldPosition> <ApproachTypeFP>ILS</ApproachTypeFP> <RunwayNumberFP>36</RunwayNumberFP> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>ESSU</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> </FlightPlan.FlightPlan> </SimBase.Document> Do you think you can support it in your export ? Thanks.
  6. Caldur, what I did is listed the directories to a file and then updated manually the LittleNavMap file that holds this list.
  7. Just for the sake of things 🙂 I have just updated my Jepp maps. it's there, dated 03 Feb 23. Formal Jepp chart, not any internet fake of some sort. I am pretty sure I saw another non oval circuit someplace, doing lots of VFR flight, so I definitely stumbled on some. Not very common, but do exist. If I'll find another one I'll let you know 🙂
  8. https://mega.nz/file/QeQykTwY#_qQQCCqGQRmjhp_j_NnbKqNuVLlEORl_-SRnnpFaJY0
  9. 🙂 Nope, what I meant by "non standard" pattern is that it's not an oval pattern. look at LFRN circuit of RWY 14/32.
  10. can I create a non standard traffic pattern ? There are lots of airports with non standards ones (I.E., not a perfect pattern).
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