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  1. Hi Alex, Have the latest beta version, XP11, I think this happened to me in the past as well, can't remember though 🙂 I have added anew airport to my scenery, it's available in the scenery_Pack.ini, not disabled. Re-built the scenery library (load scenery library ..), and yet, it won't point to the directory that contains this airport, but rather to the "Global Airports" apt.dat. Actually, now, looking at it, it won't show the right directory for any airport, even ones it did show it for in earlier versions. Weird. What could be the reason for that ? Thanks, Doron.
  2. Fixed issue where wind pointer on map was not visible on disabled AI display. Destination runway for flight plan top label now also extracted from STAR if no approach is used 2 out of 2 :-) Thanks Alex.
  3. I will find you one. But as for the landing runway, that's the thing, you do present the STAR perfectly, you always did BTW, and you always did mention the landing runway. So maybe something got broken in the last version. https://mega.nz/file/xeZySCbK#La-0mapWpFYvutGKxPYYTDm9C-3jniPT9dNJ9b0aGhA
  4. Hi Alex, Have the latest developer version, seems like now when importing from simbrief, you don't show the landing runway anymore which was really really helpful when you did. Can you get it back ? Also, a generic question about that, sometimes the altitude of the plan matches the simbrief one and sometimes it doesn't. Have you encountered it ? Thanks, Doron.
  5. Hi Alex, Maybe I wasn't clear. obviously it should be coupled with the user aircraft, otherwise how would you know where to related the wind preparties to ? you need to aircraft position, that is understood. And it does work (I can see the wind indicator when the aircraft user is no visible). However, I must make sure the "Show Online aircraft position and data on map" is pressed too to see the wind indication. This is a bit of a bummer, because then I can see my plane indicator (I'm flying online) :-), so it's like making sure the user aircraft visible 🙂 Thanks, Doron.
  6. Well, it's not coupled to my airplane , but it is to other Online ones 🙂
  7. Hi Alex, Is it possible to decouple the wind indicator and the aircraft label ? When I turn off "Show simulator aircraft on map" the wind indication is gone as well. Thanks, Doron.
  8. Hi Alex, I found 2 issues and have 2 requests 🙂 Plan type and plane speed are not saved between exports (the other parameters are saved). Meaning, if I choose plan type Z and export, then next time I try to export , it reverts to I. same goes for the speed. 2 requests, when I submit the plan in IVAO, I usually get 2 rejects: - DOF (Date of flight) is in the past - that's because in this case you DO remember the last DOF from the last export :-). Is it possible maybe that you'll just set DOF of today if it doesn't exist in the RMK text box of your dialog ? - Time of the flight is in the past. That's because you probably put "now" and by the time I get to submit it, it's already the past. Is it possible that you'll do Now + 20 minutes instead ? Thanks Alex. Doron.
  9. Hi Alex, Is it possible ? I couldn't find a way. This is mainly VFR thing in which although the flight altitude can be set for the entire flight, sometimes each leg needs to follow a specific max/min altitude (due to scenery, or height restrictions), this can really be great if in the edit waypoint dialog, I could enter desired height, which will show up in the legs grid and printable flight plan. Thanks, Doron.
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