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  1. Mehdi M

    Three decimal places VHF at EHAM ?

    Right, thank you both for your answer.
  2. Mehdi M

    Three decimal places VHF at EHAM ?

    I would've thought so myself, but apparently not for P3D... As for the frequencies, I have no idea, it's just the GND frequency I have to use on my software so idk. Im not sure how accurate the website I linked in my first post is, but that's the frequency it installed for EHAM. I've just rolled back to the old one, now it's just 121.55 Are frequencies usually accurate on P3D ? Cause for big airports they gotta chose one anway despite the numerous ones available at EHAM for example.
  3. Hi everyone, Im having this odd problem: I updated my P3Dv3 Navaids using this website: . I then started my usual flight from EHAM and noticed I couldn't ask permission to taxi (yes I do use ATC in P3D). I believe the reason for this is that I can't tune the actual frequency 121.558 on the 737NGX's VHF, it just has 2 decimal places. My 737 is up-to-date by the way. Any solution to offer other than rolling back my navaids to an older version ?? Thanks, Mehdi Mezhoud