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    Anything Aviation, New to Prepar3Dv4, setting up new 5 monitor rig. Sims PMDG Boeings, classic airliners & Jet & piston engined fighters, A36 Bonanza, Twin Otter.

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    Retired Qantas Line Maintenance Engineer (1964-2003) all Boeings 707 to 777, Engines P&W, GE & RR, HS125 & BS Viper, plus Avionics, certifying for 23 airlines. Yacht racing inshore / off shore, Photography.
  1. Britfrog, Don't let the Flamers get you down. I'm just a newbie here, but know the angst such lurkers cause. It can be moderated & with respect that is a responsibility of the forum owners/moderators. I don't have a grey beard but still have a few grey hairs, perhaps like yourself 🙂 The best thing about flamers, its so easy to put their fires out - just don't feed them! Quite often its their inferiority complex that drives their need flame others. 🙂 Cheers & have a great day. David
  2. Tony, Thank you for sharing your frustration - I hear you well & empathise with you continued frustration! It would seem that either the video card standards or the video pipelines established within the core coding of Windows (pick a version nbr!) has never considered the dynamics of shared video "frames" across multiple monitors! BTW I have never used an Apple PC (for reasons you may share), but as that option has never been advocated an advantage I guess they have the same limits. Anyway I will like you reluctantly look at other options - Video projector (but that defeats the reality & build benefits of fixed monitors) - VR does not thrill me as I have spent decades & lots of hours cockpits all over teh planet so sticking my head in a black rubber mask just does not cut it! I want the real world perspective while I have physical control of the traditional tangible flight inputs (in my younger days I had access to a Tigermoth at an uncontrolled grass field while doing my PPL). Stop it! I'm banging on too much. Anyway I'm willing to consider reducing the number of screens to 2 x VA2719-2K with DP ports as the outside view plus TrackIR-5 and my two trusty S 940B as panels. I also note there is an app for Android for a CDU Wifi that works with Boeings?? Any thoughts on that? BTW my original concept was to make a mobile & adjustable backbone on castors, supporting the necessary monitors on adjustable articulated swing arms, so they would all fold back onto the backbone with a folding modules for glare shield containing the 3 Saitech panels & centre console box for the Throttles & stowage PC & for the pedals etc. All connected cabled up ready go! I have other interests & don't want cause the dragon lady reason to get agitated - if you know what I mean. Until next chat, thanks guys for your welcome & shared thoughts / frustrations. David
  3. Hello Tony, Thanks for your detailed post. Yes the conundrum is why I have joined here! I started last century with FS 2004 & progressed to FSX until Win 10 64bit grabbed me for other reasons & FSX was then not on. But now that Prepar3D V4 has shown up I am interested to jump in again. I have (all boxed FSX) PMDG 747-400, Wilco 777, JF 707 Pro, plus a few Orbix titles & some other FSX downloads. But first I have to build a new rig, I had bought the 3 Samsung 24'' 1900x1200 some time ago with a plan to build a easy to reconfigure rig with 3 or 4 main monitors, plus the 2 19" 940Bs. VR is another option but it does not "feel like flying in the real thing" which I did for many years. Also not averse to the video projector idea as long as frame rates are higher than 30! Another thought - do you think its possible to feed a GTX 1080 GPU into a 3HD2Go + a 2Hd2Go? Or is that just too much overhead for the CPU? Please stay in touch. David
  4. Hello Roar, Thnks for link. Will keep your Smart Starter in mind.Your component schematic is similar to what I imagine would be my plan. I don't plan, or can afford open cockpit rig (sad). My thoughts were to have preset config in Prepar3D for each aircraft, plus flight starting point as per your "Smart Starter". But I will be using Saitech /Logitech Yoke, Throttles, pedals & G X52 as control inputs. 6 possibly 6 monitors configured for each aircraft group. (I have Logitech Multi, Switch & Radio Panels which will be mounted across glareshield) Jet airliners 3 x 1920x1200 outside view (L side, L front , R front) (5760x1200). The two smaller monitors (1280x1024) will be L PHD/ND, C Upper Eicas (CDU would have to be a pop-up). For fighter aircraft outside views: L side, front , R side, The 2 smaller monitors as before for cockpit instruments & switches. Do you have any other display / link / GPU options? Regards, David
  5. Hello all, just renewing my interest in flight sim after a long break from FSX. My using Windows 10 64bit & looking at updating my PC & moving to P3Dv4. But hope to use existing monitors I have (3x Samsung S24A450BW (vision) & 2 x Samsung Syncmaster 940B (panels). I have all Saitek gear - Yoke, Throttles, Multi panel, Switch Panel & Combat pedals.(Logitech G X52 TBA). I am a retired Aircraft Engineer so mostly interested in PMDG airliners, a few militiary jets & classic piston. Game inputs & Monitors (landscape) will be mounted on easily reconfigurable VESA frame (airline / fighter options) I have read what I can, but am confused about which video cards / Tripple Head2Go / video cable specs & limitations. Note all my current monitors have DVI inputs. (I would be happy to replace 2 x S 940Bs with 2 x ASUS 23" VC239H (16 x 9) DVI & VESA mount.) New computer build (cost options) i7-6700K, Z370-A, GTX 1070 OC 8GB, DDR4 3000 C15, 2 x 500G M.2 EVO, 2 x WD HDD 2T 850W PSU. Any comments from those with similar 5 monitor rigs using P3D V4 and settings to achieve 30fps? About to leap into the next generation of flight simming :-) David