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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is a way to obtain a "coupon" for the RXP750 P3D if we already own the XP11 version. I already try to contact the customer service but with no answer. Let me know, Greetings, Pierre.
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for the answer. I can't change the audio rate but it's 16000Hz, DVD quality. I will try to update Motherboard drivers, hope it could fix it. I mean it's really annoying and it degrade the feeling to fly sadly. I'll give a try to made a proper and clean install one more time. Test it without any add ons and so. Thanks for everything, will keep you in touch, Greetings, Pierre.
  3. Hello everyone ! I hope someone could help me on this one. Since the beginning I use P3D, I noticed that every like 6 or 7sec, a crackling noise is audible from the game. I first thought it was due to my Headset, a VOID PRO wireless Corsair, but not. I made some test and use other headset, and I could hear that sound even when playing with my monitor, it's just more quiet. So I try a fresh install, migrated the game on my SSD, and nothing change. It's more likely to be heard on certain aircraft, but it's almost everytime. It could be happening at the beginning of the flight, or when operating the aircraft (flaps, gear) or when performing touchdown. It's very annoying and I'm about to go back on X-Plane 11, despite I really love P3D. I use Reshade, PTA, ASky, REX pro, Chaseplane, TrackIr 5. I play full screen (I mean, sort of). I have a GTX1080TI, 24GB RAM, SSD512Go, a nice watercooling and a 3440x1440 monitor with Displayport. I already have the latest driver and already deleted and reinstalled them twice. If someone can help me on this one, I would be very pleased. Greetings, Pierre NB : Forgive my mistake, I'm a Frenchi.
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