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  1. Any suggestions, I'll mainly be playing flight simulators (both p3d and xplane) It would be appreciated if you could use newegg global (ksa) Thanks in advance.
  2. So I have those three systems that I can go for that are around the same price, and I don't know which one I should go for, the three systems are as follows: PC NO.1: i5 8600k ( I'll oc ) Gtx 1050ti 8gb ddr4 PC NO.2: Ryzen 5 1600 16gb ddr4 Gtx 1060 6gb PC NO.3: ryzen 3 1300x Gtx 1070ti 8gb ddr4 (Don't think I'll go with this one).
  3. So do you recommend the rx 580 over the gtx 1050ti and would you also recommend a ryzen 1600 (if I overclock) over the i5 8600k
  4. So on my quest to finding myself the perfect p3d budget pc, I managed to find a dirt cheap rx 580, costing similarly to a GTX 1050ti and I couldn't pass. I'm going to pair it with an i5 8600(k) (will not overclock for the first few months, until I gain confidence). My question is, would it perform in between the gtx 1060 and 1070??
  5. Would I get better performance on a laptop with a gtx 1070?
  6. I've recently seen this laptop on sale that I wanted to buy, I decided to male this post before deciding to buy it, I will also be using it as my college laptop. It's an acer laptop with the following specs: i7 8750h (6 cores, turbo 3.9ghz all cores, 4.1ghz 1 core) Gtx 1060 6gb 16gb ram I'm making this post not for reccomendations, but for replies that state how much fps I'll get or if it's good or not The add-ons are as follows: QW 787 PMDG 777 AND 737 AEROSOFT SCENERIES FTX GLOBAL VECTOR BLACKMARBLE NIGHT LIGHTING
  7. Flyeveryday

    Will my pc run p3d v4

    Thanks for the advice, I'll buy a z370 motherboard, I'll also try to fit a gtx 1060 6gb in my budget.
  8. Flyeveryday

    Will my pc run p3d v4

    Also would any of you all recommend the gtx 1060 3gb over the gtx 1050ti ?
  9. Flyeveryday

    Will my pc run p3d v4

    I know that I can't overclock the 8400, but I thought it would be better due to its turbo speed Core 1: 4ghz Core 2, 3, 4: 3.9ghz Core 5, 6: 3.8ghz I'm also yet to order the motherboard and the cup after reading for months about the controversy about ryzen for flight sim, I've kept them in my card and almost bought them yesterday, I might as well go with the 8400 at the end.
  10. Flyeveryday

    Will my pc run p3d v4

    If I were to order an i5 8400, would it perform better than the ryzen cpu?
  11. Flyeveryday

    Will my pc run p3d v4

    The specs are: ryzen 5 1600 ( will of to 3.8 ghz) Gtx 1050ti 16gb ddr4 2400mhz ram MSI B350 motherboard
  12. I've just ordered a brand new parts for my pc from Amazon, and while I wait I was wondering how it would perform in p3d v4, I've searched a lot about similar specs but couldn't find videos or any forum post. I'll also be upgrading a year from now. I would like to know from people with similar specs or just anyone how much fps I will get with pmdg 777, 737. Aerosoft A3XX family (when it's released for v4). Most flytampa sceneries and ftx global vector and ftx trees.