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  1. I can't compare it to X-plane, as I have never used it. I started with FSX, and i got so frustrated if the sim froze during the final approach (which happend pretty often). This was the reason for me to switch to P3D. The overal performance of P3D compared to FSX is so much better for, that it was worth switching, even though I had a lot of add-ons on FSX that I couldn't use for P3D. I can't comment on this question, because the first thing I did after installing P3D, was installing ORBX. The grate thing was, that I could use ORBX on both FSX and P3D! You do not need to purchase it seperately for both sims.
  2. HI Scot, the default scenery on p3d is not that great to be fair. I was pretty disappointed at first when I just purchased the license. To improve the scenery, I bought some FTX products, just like Buffy. These products really are great, and I would definitely recommend these. I would recommend the ORBX VECTOR product for you. It should add very accurate coastlines, railtracks, motorways and much more to your sim. The only problem is that you must first acquire the base pack. I thought it is a lot of money, but definitely worth it. Good luck, Noah
  3. This just did the trick! Thank you guys so much! This will save me a lot of time in the future!
  4. Do you mean the default path to p3d? In that case, yes it should be correct because it is the same as yours.
  5. Is there way to turn off the different weather layers in ASN? I think that might be my problem.
  6. Hi Steve, thanks for your reply. the addons that apply for me (pmdg 737ngx and 777) show exactly the same path as yours.
  7. Awesome guys, thanks a lot! @skelsey how does the ground show on the ND? And how can I turn off the ground clutter suppression? I only fly the pudgy 737 and 777.
  8. Thank you so much eslader! Your explanation is fantastic! I think I got it immediately! So you suggest to turn the wx+t on during cruise, and tilt one of the two radars forward, and the other one down?
  9. That is a very good one. I will try later tonight to run patc in admin mode. I keep you posted. Anyhow thank you so much for your response and troubles!
  10. First of all, I want to thank everyone for their response. I really do appreciate it. So skelsey, would you suggest do decrease the tilt? I never really knew what the tilt did, but I certainly will look into that.
  11. Thanks all for responding so quick! It is not the winds that concerns me, but the rain and thunderstorms. It could be my lack of knowledge, but are there really so many bad weather areas at such high altitudes? My weather radar on the 777 shows so many thunderstorms. I always thought you were not supposed to fly through them.
  12. Hi all, Couldn’t help but noticed that when flying for example at FL 390, especially in Asia, there are huge bad weather areas. It is a bit annoying because I have to fly around them, and it seems a bit unrealistic to me that there such big areas of bad weather at this altitude. It almost looks like the weather is the same at every altitude. Are there any settings that could help me with this? thanks, Noah
  13. Hi Stu, I surely have switched it to p3d. Thanks anyway.
  14. Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed so often on this forum, but all those topics won't help me solve my problem. When I want to load a flightplan into the fmc on the PMDG 777/737NGX, and I hit the ''co route'' or ''route request'' button, nothing appears. The fmc will tell me 'no routes available'. Yes, I hit these buttons after my clearance request. Also I noticed that all the paths towards the PMDG FLIGHTPLAN folder are correct. But when I save a flightplan, nothing appears in these folder.(PROGRAM FILES/LOCKHEED MARTIN/PREPAR3D V4/PMDG/FLIGHTPLANS/777 or NGX) Very strange to me. I used to use ProATC X on fsx, and there everything worked perfectly fine. To the best of my knowledge, I am doing exactly the same as what I did in FSX. This didn't really bother me flying with the 737NGX, because it were pretty short routes and entering the waypoints and airways manually was not taking up so much time. However now that I have purchased PMDG's 777, I fly longer routes. I do not want to enter every flightplan mnually. It takes up to much time for me. Thanks in advanced, Noah
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