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  1. no i mean i fixed the signature thing the guy was on about
  2. Hello, I have recently been having issues with my plane (PMDG 737 NGX 800-900) the overhead panel is glitched up and being weird the fmc is glitched, so has my standby and everything is unclickable in the plane, Ive tried uninstalling the game, The plane, Wiped everything out and reinstalled, Veryifiying the cache, Taking files from a friend, Using pmdg operation system repairs. Please help. Heres some pictures of my issue would rlly appreciate the help STANDBY (COCKPIT) : https://gyazo.com/7b5804a5ca0628b30a12c4d36ade292b OVERHEAD PANEL : https://gyazo.com/9898d0f67dff5c1adb1f78770c1aa163 FMC : https://gyazo.com/61db6061621d319c64f1a5c8e0cbc651
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