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  1. I also bought on simmarket. You should have a PTA account. Login there and click the link through to simmarket order. I just got 2.64 from that link. https://simtweaks.com/login If you can remember setting it up, try your usual email first
  2. I have added all tweaks back and not been able to reproduce the issue. Same weather, same location. Good news, just perplexing.
  3. Ignore this one as a bug. I had an errant sky texture set with lightblock in postsunset fractionally brighter than the preceeding sunset texture. Would be nice to have sky texture shading block control incorporated into pta. Shade did it for FSX. Manually updating and renaming sky texture sets is a bore. You can use shade utility to change fsx set and replace the ones in p3d, but it is also a tedious, and also risks becoming uncoordinated with what you try to achieve in pta with light levels. Then again, the ancient sky system may get replaced in v5. There is always hope.
  4. Have started to add back the various cloud effects. So far added back in Cloud light/saturation and the cloud scattering. No ill effect on fps in various situations. Perhaps it did not like having everything forced in at the same time. Will continue adding them back and let you know if one particular item gives trouble. Thanks goodness for PTA. I tried to love default clouds, but they just seemed to turn pure white. No detail at all.
  5. One for Matt to maybe consider for future development. V4.4 has 'overhauled' the moonlighting. Leaving terrain moonlighting at default, I noted that the terrain start to go dark near sunset, but then actually goes bright again, in the post_sunset phase, before then going full dark for night. I think moonlighting comes in and boosts the light level at dawn/dusk. Reducing moonlight ambient and diffuse reduces this effect at dusk, but then leaves the ground a bit dark during full moon at night. Is it possible to create an option for reduced light at dawn dusk for terrain, like with the clouds?
  6. I see no performance improvements yet, in heavy areas in particular, but it is certainly no worse. For me there was important bugfix on HUD transparency issue, and night performance increase with different cloud shading is welcome. Not tested it yet though. Developers are going to be using the new v4.4 sdk for sure, and it states that objects compiled will not be backward compatible, because of the new pbr element, so take the plunge and upgrade, maybe once your favourite core extras have a patch. Developers of those seem to be moving fast.
  7. As you used a default aircraft, the FSR file should be transferable. Happy to try if you find it. Your settings and flight could become a standard to check any hardware combo via other users, or real world improvements from future hardware. May be an idea to run it with no add-ons to level the field. I had UTX active, and maybe it effects a frame or two with extra roads and lake shorelines. I'll have to figure out data logging with afterburner.
  8. Getting similar FPS results on 4k monitor in all 3 settings scenarios with a GTX1080. This is paired with 8700k at 4900 mhz Seems only worth upgrading if your chosen flightsim starts to use the new features discussed. Stepchange in dynamic lighting sounds interesting. Thanks so much for the thorough numbers.
  9. Though be aware that if you use the WOAI models already on your system in a new schedule you find, they may not work for p3dv4. Many woai airplanes will of been fs9 aircraft and they won't work in p3d, They must at least be fsx models. AIG has links to converted models and all the advice you need. Any FAIB aircraft is ok as they are for FSX onwards. It can be a bit if a steep learning curve, but well worth it if you like AI
  10. Hi I am just wondering if anyone else has an issue I seem to of found on V4.3 with grass runways. I have two installs on developer licence, one with add-ons and the second on modelling computer that is kept as default. In images below I use the F22 on grass runway as the HUD shows the issue. Props have same problem. Note, I found on flying computer (with add-ons) many grass airports were OK, until I disabled Orbx vector_cvx folder. Orbx areas seemed to help clear the issue somehow, but in far flung regions like mongolia, it is still present with orbx active. So to see issue you may need to disable orbx products in scenery library. Once moving, any runway surface that is soft and therefore has the particle effect around the wheels will cut off the HUD or prop transparency where it overlaps the close terrain. A bright circle also appears around the model, so an irritating effect in any aircraft. If I change the surface of runway to hard, the issue goes away. Here is the issue at default 27W (aircraft must be moving) Here no issue once runway surface changed to hard. MAybe a display issue, but two separate computers and cards? Flying computer, GTX1080 TI current drivers Modelling computer GTX750 TI older 399 drivers To recap. This happens on both computers, default install and many add-ons install The flying computer is OK at many grass airports until ORBX vector is disabled Some users at LM forums are reporting HUD cutting out. They may be seeing the transparency issue? Would love to know if anyone can recreate the issue. Drawing a blank at official forum so far.
  11. Replaced shaders with defaults again, redownloaded PTA and reintroduce the tweaks a few at a time. Seems to of solved it.
  12. I noticed that a dynamic light effect I made with FX_tool from the sdk was not lighting up building objects. I put the original shaders back and all worked well. Apply PTA preset and the light does not effect the buildings. I have tried applying a preset not using object lighting tweaks, but no difference. The light does work correctly on ground and on AI aircraft, it is just the airport buildings do not receive the light when PTA preset is applied Any ideas or things to try?
  13. I didn't have this issue, and then I did. I re-installed the Phenom and the navigraph extension. Now the issue has gone. After the re-install, I saw the 'prodigy' screen on the ND screen, and you press enter to get it to load. It reminded me that this had not been happening recently. The nav screen was already loaded each time, so systems had not been loading correctly? So if you do not see the prodigy screen on the Nav display, with press enter to get it working, then maybe a re-install will work for you. I did not uninstall it first. Just overwrote.. You will need to re-install your latest navigraph after re-installing the Carenado one, as it puts the old data back in. The Phenom frustration continues.
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