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  1. Ah thank you Keven, I forgot that I had previously set the tilt view to my x-box controller. I have deleted it and it has fixed the problem. What would I do without you? Thanks again.
  2. Hi Keven, I have set 2 different views with the same key which should scroll between one view and then the next with each press but every time I press the same key it doesn't move to the next view, it just stays on the current view. Thanks.
  3. Hi Keven, Thanks for fixing this but now every view in both stable and experimental versions has the camera tilting down constantly.without stopping. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Since the very latest update (18th July 2018) I have noticed that the move up/down no longer functions in static camera and most camera movements are extremely slow. I have even put camera movement boost up to 20x but it hasn't changed anything - camera is still as slow as a snail. I have tried both the stable and experimental versions and the same is in both. Any help? Thanks.
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