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  1. Nick Gilbert

    Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Unresponsive In Sim.

    Thanks! It almost worked. All of my buttons are working now, as well as my ailerons and elevators. The only axis that is not working are my rudders. I have deleted the rudders in FSUIPC, and did it in the P3D options, and it still didn't move. Are the rudders a fly-by-wire device, where it won't move if I'm sitting in the 777 cold and dark? Thanks for your help!
  2. Since last Monday, I have been having this problem where my Saitek Pro Flight yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals are not functional in P3D and the PMDG 777. I have bought FSUPIC and setup my Caranado TBM 850 up perfectly with it, with minor troubles here and there. The PMDG 777 is not the same. I have tried updating P3D, reinstalling the 777, as well as FSUPIC, to no avail. I have setup all of my axis's in the axis assignment tab for all of my controls, but when I go to the joystick calibration tab in FSUPIC, it does not recognize the mixture. when I go to assign multiple mixtures to one lever, it does not recognize the lever either, even though I assigned an axis to it in the axis assignment tab. It recognizes the throttle, but when I go to assign throttle 1 and throttle 2, to the one throttle lever, it does not recognize it. The throttle actually works, but when I put the throttle into reverse and then try to put the throttles back into normal mode, the throttle freezes in reverse. I have also deleted all of my axes in the regular options in P3D, so there is no double assignment. Should I not use FSUPIC at all, and if so, what should I do? I have not been able to fly for the past 2 months due to computer troubles and real life, so I would really like to get back into it. Any help would be appreciated. :smile: Happy Flying, Nick Gilbert