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  1. also Radar contact V4 does maydays for FSX and FSX Steam http://www.jdtllc.com/ Also pro ATC x is another one http://www.pointsoftware.de/proatcx_e/proatcxfeatures.html
  2. As I couldn't get Radar contact to work with prepared 3d I have switched over to pro ATC X So far everything is working
  3. Nope still no luck I am going to try to install RC in P3D4 to see if it works if it does I will be switching over
  4. Hi I just read a 2010 post about a bug I have just tried 2 flights from KIAH to Miami International and after I get departure clearance Radar contact forgets about me with no Heading Radar contact will change to different stations but will not give me a Heading when I check in the GPS I am totally off course but Radar contact doesn't relies and keep me flying in a straight line. I have even given the plane to Otto and the comms to see if I was making an error I am using FSX Steam with default flight planner with High altitude ifr It only has happened on this flight plan so far Ty Andy
  5. Thank you JD your instructions worked for me Thanks Andy
  6. Hi I am trying to register Radar contact V4 my key is [XXXX] I have sent an email to register(at)Jdtllc(dot)com also I tried the auto mail and manually sending one yesterday but had no response any help would be really appreciated Thanks Andy
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