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  1. FiveSeveN-

    Landscape view within 24 hours

  2. FiveSeveN-

    Clean colors in the simulator

    Whew, that sunset. Beautiful
  3. FiveSeveN-

    A Little Dry Colorado

    Looks like a pleasant trip!
  4. Is that a Citation?
  5. It must just be a joy to fly that thing in real life.
  6. Those prop spinners look so cool.
  7. FiveSeveN-

    The Big Apple

    Hmm. Not bad, not bad. Trying to rival X-Plane for that night lighting.
  8. FiveSeveN-

    Finnair A319

    Looks nice. Plane looks pretty bright compared to the environment sometimes. ha
  9. FiveSeveN-

    Sunny day in New Zealand

  10. FiveSeveN-

    Yak-ity Yak

    DCS sure does look nice. Great shots
  11. Sure would be nice if ground handling was more realistic in XP.
  12. Hard to say. I suppose it could be on the hardware end (monitor) or software end perhaps (driver for video card).
  13. Yeah, I was quite impressed upon launch of it. Would be nice to see some more work done.