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  1. wow.. I did not realise that.. Thanks!!
  2. I was hoping I could get some assistance trying to understand the correct procedure for entering data into the FMS from the flight plan (simbrief). There is a section in the Flight Plan Log which specifies Ground Speed and TAS over waypoints. I am not exactly sure what these mean, they seem quite high? Are they in KM/Hour instead of Knots? Do I need to enter this data into the FMS ? The FMS appears to calculate the speed automatically, but I presume there needs to be some alignment between the FMS and the flight plan, otherwise none of the timings / TOD would match. Does the FMS just try and work it all out based on the weather, or do I need to copy in the plane speeds at various waypoints into the FMS? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi I have a couple questions (note that I am not at all experienced with flying). 1) I have x-plane11 set to "real weather setting" . When I get the altimeter info from PILOT2ATC it is different to what the ATIS is providing. How would they end up being different ? 2) I currently go to Simbrief to get my flight plan - and that would give me all the weather info, TOD, cruise altitude, speed etc. What is the correct procedure (or recommended procedure) to take this information and enter it into PILOT2ATC. I get you can export/import - but it is the case that the actual flight plan and the PILOT2ATC should align or not? i.e I'm not clear on whether the FMS plan and the atc plan should be the same or intentionally different? For example- being told to descend early - or vectors to final would mean having inconsistencies between the fms and atc? Thanks for your assistance.