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  1. MaxTurso

    How much it costs?

    ok, now it's all ok. Thanks
  2. MaxTurso

    How much it costs?

    Another question, excuse me but i don't understand the real price of the GTN 750/650. Please let me know if i understood well: First purchase 750 for $49,95 then with the coupon the 650 will be purchased for $24,95 for a total of $74,90, is correct Thanks in advance Massimo
  3. Hello everybody, during these days i was considering to buy this product but some doubts remains and these stops me to buy, below my questions: At the moment of the purchase what's the level of update of the database? Probably it's a my problem of comprehension but after hours of reading i don't understand if this database is it updatable and what is the method. It's necessary to pay something? Someone can clarify to me step by step? If i understood well there's a software called Garmin GTN trainer that provides the update, it's correct? I think that this program is associated with the installation of the GTN 750/650, correct? Thanks in advance and have a nice day Massimo
  4. MaxTurso


    Yes, i know that this is the right way and in the next days i'll update P3D to 4.3. Thanks for your answer, i think that for this update i was just a little bit lucky or not?😎 Bye Massimo Turso
  5. MaxTurso


    If i understood well the update 1.20.8885 works only with V4.3 but i have installed V4.2 on W10 with this update and all works fine…..🤔🤔 At the start of the flight a green bar appears for the countdown as usually Massimo Turso