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  1. Hi Dave, as far as I've tested R6, this feature now works and delivers much more realism to German GA airports! Henrik
  2. ... I'm looking forward to further testing! By the way, in which programming language do you develop? C# with .NET in Visual Studio? Henrik
  3. Hi Dave, many thanks taking my proposal for enhancement into account! However, the new function doesn't work correctly, or isn't working in my environment. You can find my bug report and description with a screenshot here: Henrik
  4. Hi P2A-Team, I just tried the new ATC Setting "Info Acts as Tower" with a new installation of and NavDataPro - AIRAC cycle: 1706. The config switch was checked and connection established, see attached screenshot. I started at EDGS (Siegerland, Germany) and used 120.375 to contact EDGS Info: 1. Romeo India November ready to taxi No reaction from Info 2. Romeo India November Holding short ... -> see screenshot attached Info answered that there is no Tower frequency at this airport. It seems that the new config switch takes no effect on the behavior of Info. Can you see what I'm doing wrong or is there a misunderstanding of the function behind the new config setting? I already restarted P2A and tried again without success. Thanks for your efforts and Best Regards, Henrik Screenshot: https://my.hidrive.com/lnk/28qRK7ed
  5. HBE

    VFR Scripts (Work in Progress)

    Very helpful work! Thanks a lot. Concerning the point "uncontrolled airports", situation in Germany is like this: From small aerodromes to substantial regional airports (like EDGS, EDFE) you will find Info only. This are well equipped airports (e.g. Tower with radar, ILS, ...), but ATC is legally declared as Info and correctly reflected in P2A. But in reality in Germany, Info is (more or less) behaving like Tower, with strict order. Therefore, I opened the topic "Flying GA VFR in Germany: In reality, ATC Info behaves like Tower!". May be this also applies to other countries? Henrik
  6. Hi Dave, thanks for your reply! Your future enhancement list will be long, I assume ... Is it possible to give an approximate time frame when this small switch with a big effect can be included in an update? Henrik
  7. Hi, thanks a lot for the great system! I'm new to P2A and started doing some pattern work successfully - with a huge restriction. I hope that there's no similar topic like this already in progress. If yes, I apologize in advance - I didn't see it. Ok, here's the story with my question below: First I tried my usual Siegerland (EDGS) airport, which provides ILS approach. A rather substantial regional Airport. In fact, this airport provides Info only, no Tower. That's correct. But in real life, Info behaves like Tower! So, next I tried Egelsbach (EDFE), same situation, Info only. But in practice, it's like dealing with a strictly Tower controlled airport. All airports/airfields with Info don't allow ATC controlled pattern work in P2A, am I right? Bitburg (EDRB) with Tower now successfully lets me train patterns - great! (by the way, EDRB Tower is shown as "info_tower" due to the default Nav database coming with P2A during installation, I assume). What do you think about an ATC configuration switch like "Info behaves like Tower" which simply overwrites the type of ATC during import of the Nav database at system start-up? Of course that's only a small and somehow brute-force work around, but with huge positive effect on flying GA VFR in Germany!