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  1. Hi Steve, I had a little play with the camera.cfg and changed the clipmode to Spot instead of Tower, worked a treat!!, flypast with clouds!!! thank you again for the tip, you are a star! Steve
  2. Steve, thank you for your prompt reply!, ok that is great, at least nothing silly going on with my FSX, will experiment with your suggestions, thank you for your amazing product!!! Regards Steve
  3. HI Folks, This is my first post so hi everyone and Happy New Year, I would like to know if the sky effect I'm getting is related to DX10 or if I have a more in depth problem with FSX?, I've always had this effect in FSX DX10 so I know it's not caused by DX10 fixer problem, my problem is when I view aircraft from a control tower the sky is cut neatly in half by a band of high level clouds (not noticeable with just blue skies) also clouds around aircraft seem to be cut like an invisible ball around and following aircraft?, I get around problem by flying in cloudless weather if I wont to view aircraft from control tower, it's not present in DX9!, is this normal DX10 behaviour or is something else going on?