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  1. Well Christian, you and your friends (Rob and Manfred) have spoiled me. Why should I bother with this old, but in certain aspects nifty addon ? You've done with the Chevrolet such a good work - even shifting gears and the engine retarder is working - that I would never become satisfied with this simple and stupid Jeep by FSAddon. A Jeep made of yours would be high above, much more cunning and sophisticated for sure All the best.
  2. Yup, found it ! It's and old FSX addon from publisher FSAddon. Within this package the Willys Jeep is part of it. You canf find it here: https://fsaddonshop.com/collections/fsx-aircraft/products/waco-cg-4a If it works in P3Dv4 ? Honestly I dunno. Cheers.
  3. Hah, then I' Hah, then I've got something for you exclusively; probably pretty simple to render; a lot of data available at internet, a good compromise between SUV and convertible; an absolute cult car with gorgeous drive dynamics - off-road and on street - and unmatchable 360° view - the one and only Willys Jeep : The Willys Jeep from former moviestar and racing pilot Steve McQueen (he owned this Jeep till his death in 1980): Simple cockpit, good for developers : Simple engine under the cowl: A clear and pure beauty (for my taste): I had some in FSX (don't know the developer anymore), but this car was top notch. Higher point of view and convertible equals unmatched scenery experience. May the force of intspiration be with you, Christian; hopefully these pictures help. All the best.
  4. Ah, thank you. Next, Christian and friends (Manfred & Rob), please go to work and let your magic happen ; for us the poor ones who cannot afford such a beautiful car in reality . But please: the interior and the leather furnished with exquisite PBR materials ; and - pleeeeeeease !!!! - with the first fully functional FSX/GPS for roads and streets (too much ? ). By the way and seriously: its generally a good choice to choose a SUV vehicle for in sim driving around; because of the significantly higher point of view the user will get a better scenery discovery experience, compared to e.g. a sports car. I know this not only because of reality, but of my FSX/sportscar vehicle experiences too (for this sim there are a lot of good cars available from Erwin Welker). Another important point where reality meets simulation: one of the main reasons why people buy such a car is because of the better overview (and increased feeling of security), according to different surveys I've read in motor-journals. Cheers.
  5. Really ??? I've thought every German is a BMW or Mercedes word not allowed- to err is human. Well, let's think; hmm, maybe I got the right model for you ! Here it comes: ...Audi Q7 ! And look at this pit; it almost looks like a fighter jet cockpit, just amazingly: Wish you a happy new year and all the best for you and your family/friends too. Good luck, and thank you for making our hobby better and better.
  6. LoL, the F-16 pilot must have been drunken or probably at sleep, or very very heavy , Chevy won the race, yea !!! Thank you for this funny video, much appreciated. Christian, I would also like to see this car showing up in your collection: ...the mighty Mercedes G-Klasse ! Interior: For you as German it must be heavens on earth to develop this ; of course with the help of Manfred and Rob too hopefully. Cheers
  7. Awesome ! Thank's a lot to Christian, Rob and Manfred for this little freeware gem. Wish there would be more steerable cars like this in P3D v4. Honestly, I even would pay for a decent car-addon package. Happy new year !
  8. Well, I've owned Florida and I do know this small area close to the manatees !!! I can tell you what: THIS IS NO 3D WATER ; not even close. More: this kind of water (which is just a simple animation of misty haze) doesn't move or change not once. Just prove it yourself and try to land with an airplane or - even better - the R22, and you'll go through " this water" like going through clouds landing savely on the close surface beneath. From there, while sitting in the VC of the R22, you can watch two manatees how "they swimm" in front of your VC screen close above your eyepoint. I mean, watching this display is absolutely and by no doubt just ridiculous - because the manatees behave like HOT AIR BALLOONS; thats the main reason why IPACS has choosen this sort of creatures for this small beach scenery. It wouldn't work with dolphins for sure, because dolphins don't behave like hot air balloons in the water, something IBACS cannot simulate at current state of their development. I know it's freeware, but this Beaver is the most nimble one I've ever flown virtual. Some maneuvers I've successfully mastered in this sort of ..... "flying device" ...without any problems, skills or damages: behind one another loop (yes, the DHC-2 seems to be intended for LOOPS Knife Edge!!!! O Gosh, this bird loves knife edges all its way. Rolls, barrel rolls, no problem, just do it! Listen to its sound and you can hear the infinite loop clearly; be careful: it can make you sleepy ! the VC: Speechless, just terrible! resume: this is a " Piece of Hoax " made for my PC's recycle bin. By by Beaver !
  9. Hmmm, amphibious planes for AFS2 ? Did it get 3D water ? Anyway, thank's for the posts.
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