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  1. Allways nice to see new FSX-missions---some better where be scenery-links to add. In readme-text only the authors are shown--not easy to find needed addons. This is much better by other authors.
  2. ...nothing deleted. If missions only starts as freeflight it's mostly about missed objects-- --I know ! In XML-file are no aircraft-entries--only persons and vehicles. To ask the author(Helmissionman) doesn't work---maildomain. Anyhow---only one mission-faile---no harm !
  3. Has anyone tried this new mission (AVSIM library) ? It doesn't work for me again. Goal is to switch from plane to heli-(EH 101)-- but mission starts only as freefligt--no comments. In XML-file I missed EH101 as OBJECT-entry--can it work anyway?
  4. Well--FSX isn't the newest, but not bad! Using years along many addons and fighting with bugs I was irritated about title only "Mission". After neweinstall it works--however--without renaming. Think we must be happy about new addons😊---not so much last time.
  5. After absolving some Trail-missions this one doesn't work. Missionfolder is only named "Mission" and FSX can't find it. Folder-renaming---no way. I tried to contact the author (*******@juno.com)---also maildomain! No idea about difference to other addons.
  6. ...thanks BokChoy, after putting bgl. +.txt,-files in FSX/Scenery/Global----unusual, but works!!
  7. Hi-new here and asking for help. Last month's new FSX-missions appeared in AVSIM-library--author==HeloMissionMan. Basicly enjoyable about new addons and I tried some. 1'st ( "Queenstownfishermansrecue") works well--nice!😊 Others like "Carcassretieval", "Seaplancrash", "Prisonerevacation"....starts only as freefligt--no compass, commets, objects. No idea about differece zu those! In readme's emailadress is shown (helo.missioman@nym.hush.com) to get answers--- ---but doesn't work--maildomain!😞 Has anyone tried such missions? Using FSX many years and often came bugs by downloads--most errors are missing objects in XML-files but cannot find any. Hope for helpfully repies, thanks! ..
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